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Saturday, December 27, 2008


My family is so wonderful!  On Christmas Eve, I got to be with my dad's family, the Richards.  That's always fun.  We eat yummy steaks from Burbages and open presents from my grandparents.  Then, we all go get dressed for the Christmas Eve service with Northwood Church.  It was amazing, and I think that once the service was over, there was not a dry eye in the whole place!  Even Billy cried, and he looked so handsome.  It's fun when we dress up together.

On Christmas day, we made the trek up to Columbia, SC, to visit with my mom's side of the family.  Her sister, Katie, just had a gorgeous little girl in November, Anna Kate, and it was so fun to see how much she had grown.  And of course, her son, Adam, who is now a year and a half, was so fun and adorable.  We ate prime rib and it was amazing.

I'd venture to say that my favorite part of this holiday season was the day after Christmas.  Billy and I had made a date because we didn't get to see each other much over actual Christmas and we wanted to give each other our gifts.  I was really nervous about the iPod classic I had gotten him; I'm not sure why... Anyway, when he got to my house and I came outside, there was this huge pile of snow in my front yard.  Yep, snow!  I had never made a snowman, and he knew that, so he found a way (I'm not going to tell you, you'll have to ask him) to get snow and bring it to me in our South Carolina weather (where it doesn't snow).  So, we got off to making a snowman, and he was really little, but he was so cute.  By the time we got back from our date (at California Dreaming) he was a lot littler than when we left, due to the warm weather we've been experiencing. But oh, was it wonderful and romantic and oh so fun.  Anyway, he also got me 2 tickets to a harbor cruise, which I have always wanted to go on.  I think we're going to go on Valentine's Day... I love being in love, and I love him so much!  Christmas this year was amazing!!!!!

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  1. That snow idea was soooo cute!!!! That was an awesome and sweet idea on his part! And the Harbor Cruise sounds fun too. Chad and I have been wanting to do that, you have to let me know how it is!!!! ;)


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