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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Giveaway with a Heart

This giveaway is very close to my heart.  If you have read some of my posts, especially What's Your Beef?, you know that human trafficking and child prostitution are really huge issues for me that I would stop if I could!  

Well, I have found an amazing organization called NightLight International that rescues girls in and at risk of trafficking and prostitution in Thailand.  They also give them jobs to help them earn money and learn a different lifestyle.  And, guess what they do?  Make jewelry!  Actually, they have a business and teach the girls all different aspects.  Some learn to design jewelry, and some make it, and some learn the business side of it.  I love this idea, because they are not only doing something to help the girls get out of terrible situations, but they help them stay out, which is so effective!

I wanted to share this with all of you, because the jewelry is so great and the cause is so worthy.  I thought, what better way than to give away something to spread the word?

I'll be sending the winner some....
Beautiful Earrings
The winner can choose between these two:

Black and Jewel Toned Pearl Earrings


Multi-Tonal Pink and Cream Pearl Earrings

How to Enter:

Follow my blog, and tell me which earrings you would like.  (1 entry)
Check out NightLight's Store and let me know your favorite piece (1 entry)
Twitter about it and include @sarahannrogers so I know! (1 entry)
 Blog about this giveaway and the organization (3 entries)
Please spread the word!  What a great opportunity to support these girls!

Leave me comments letting me know what you have done so I can make sure to count all of your entries!  Also, if you don't have a blog I can contact you through, please leave your email address!  Thanks!

I will choose a winner:
Monday, March 29 at 7:00 pm (EST)


  1. Hi Sarah Ann! I found your blog by way of Jen's at Unedited. So glad I did! The reality of human trafficking is frightening and hard for me to wrap my brain around, so far removed am I from such a threat. People like you who keep awareness high are instrumental in bringing about change and ending such atrocities. Bravo!

    I'm going to promote this contest on my blog at http://nicoleducleroir.blogspot.com.

    I'm unable to view either image of the earrings, but I'm sure both are beautiful so you can put me in either drawing :))

    Glad to be your new follower, and I look forward to reading more from you! In the meantime, best of luck with your project!

  2. I already follow your blog and I think the black and jewel toned pearl earrings are amazing!! What a great job these girls are doing.

    I really love their Nightlight Key Charm Necklace.

    And I tweeted about it!!!


  3. Hey Sarah! I absolutely love that your doing this give away. It's such an awesome way to get others involved with this issue of human trafficking.

    I am going to post something about this on my blog! I like the top earrings: the black and jewel toned pear earrings! And on the website I like the Onyx and Graphite necklace. And I will be tweeting this!

    Agian, this is such a neat post!

  4. What an awesome way to help these girls!!!

    I follow you and I LOVE the black & jewel toned pearl earrings...fabulous!

  5. Hey love! I am a follower and I "tweeted" about your giveaway...I love the black and jewel toned earrings they are gorgeous! I love that this giveaway has a cause behind it. I hope you have a blessed weekend!!! xo, KA

  6. i'm about to tweet this give away :o)

  7. Sarah Ann...
    thanks for stopping by my blog :o)

    i'm now a follower of yours here & twitter...come follow me @jenngetts!!

    i love those earrings!!

  8. i love the sleek silver hoop earrings!!

  9. what a great, great cause! i follow your blog now, too! and i like the multi-tonal pink and creme earrings.

    i went to their website and i also like the black pearl earrings! what great work they do!

  10. Hi, Sarah Ann! I'm so glad you like my blog header. I can't wait to see your new layout! :)

    Thank you so much for this giveaway - not so much for the chance to win (but thank you for that, too!), but for the promotion of this cause. It is one that I feel so very strongly about, as well. I will be happy to blog about your giveaway - I will let you know when I do.

    Oh, and I love the black-and-jewel-toned earrings! :)

  11. I am so glad you stopped by my blog to tell me about your fantastic giveaway!!! I would love to win a pair of those earrings! I think the black and jewel toned ones, they are gorgeous!!

    I would love all of those bracelets in fact I might have to buy myself one!!!

    What a fantastic cause! I am following you on twitter and I plan on blogging about your contest this week and I'll also include you on my sidebar (up at the very top!!)

    http://jennifer-daiker.blogspot.com (for my blog!)

    jenniferdaiker@gmail.com is my email!!!

  12. Also, I love the Black and Jewel Toned Triple Strand Pearl Necklace over at NightLight Intl! :) Thanks again for promoting this great cause, Sarah Ann!

  13. I follow you and I'd like the multi-tonal pink earrings if I win. My blog post about this contest will be up on Monday and I really liked the pink pearl earrings I saw at NightLight's store. I think that's five entries for me.

    And thanks for promoting this great cause. :)

  14. great giveaway with good meaning! i love the multi tonal pair. gorgeous. oh yes, i'm a follower!

  15. What an awesome giveaway! Love the message behind it! For my first entry...I love both earrings but I really LOVE the second pair..I'm a follower! :)

  16. I'm into anything "pearl"...from their website, I love the earrings you're offering and the matching necklace. Gorgeous colors!

  17. I went to the site and I loved the Multi-Tonal Pink and Cream Pearl Bracelet!

    Oh, I forgot to leave in my other comment which earrings are my favorite,(forgetful pregnant brain!) which was a very hard decision! I love both of them, but I would choose the black and jewel toned pearl earrings!

    This is such a great giveaway for a great cause! You have such an awesome heart Sarah! :)

  18. Hey Sarah! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm glad to have found you! What an awesome cause. Those black and jewel earrings are really cute.

  19. I'm a follower! (Glad you found me, hehe.)

    I adore both, but would choose numero uno!

  20. The nightlife website has awesome stuff! Their amazonite necklace is beautiful! :)

  21. I tweet tweet tweeted!


  22. My favorite piece on the website is this necklace! So simple yet gorgeous. :)


  23. Hi Sarah,

    I'm going to tell our pastor's wife about this, because she also has such a heart for this. South Bay recently gave money to a house here in San Francisco called the Freedom House. It's a house that supports women who are freed from slavery/sex trafficking in order to get them back on there feet.

    Oh, and I already follow your blog :), and I like the black and jewel tone pearl earrings.

  24. and I have to say that I think my favorite piece on the website is actually the same earrings that you have on here (black and jewel tone earrings!) :)

    what an awesome giveaway

  25. This is an amazing cause to be promoting! I love that they teach them different aspects of the business other than just creating.

    I like the multi tonal pink and cream pearl earrings! So pretty.

  26. & I love the turquoise necklace on their website :)

    (I also really like the bracelet they have on the main page, but couldn't find it in the bracelet section!)

  27. i'm tweeting you now! This is so awesome, Sarah :) It is so great to see, even amid the darkness in this world (like the problem you're trying to raise awareness about), God can use His people to shine light! It is really a blessing to see!

  28. This comment has been removed by the author.

  29. I tweeted this giveaway at twitter.com/taylordates and am following you there as well!

  30. I love the green stone bracelet via NightLight's Store-Simply Gorgeous...


    (that email goes with my other entries as well)

  31. Sarah, thank you so much for letting me know of your blog. I share so many of your convictions. I have also done mission work in Mexico and support a children's home there. Child prostitution and human trafficking is something that I don't understand why it doesn't get more attention and help. It even infuriated me that a movie was done on the subject (Taken)...it's not entertainment - it's for real. We're not called to hear about it and walk away shaking our heads saying "how sad". We're called to be our brother's keeper!
    Love your heart and love your blog! I am definitely going to be a new follower!

  32. This is so awesome, I love organizations that help this cause. My social club (like a sorority for a private university) is involved with a organization similar to NightLight International. It's called She Dances.

    Oh yeah, I'm a follower, I tweeted, and I'm blogging about it too!

  33. Im not entering cause Im new and think that its kinda rude to enter first hand, when adding,b ut im a new follower :)

  34. I'm a follower and I like the first pair! Thanks for the heads up on your giveaway!


  35. & You saw the blog post about it :)

    I really hope it brings awareness to some people about this cause. I think it's just amazing & it won't be forgotten after this giveaway is over. Love it!

  36. Tweeted: http://twitter.com/laceyinlove

  37. I love the multi-tonal ones-they are just beautiful, this is a wonderful giveaway with a purpose!

  38. What a wonderful reason to hold a contest! This is a great cause. I hope this brings awareness!

    I love the pink tone earrings the best!
    Sidebar Blog addition
    Love key charm necklace and the African jade on copper necklace on their site.

    What a wonderful new site to add to my list. Thank you for bringing this to so many's attention.

    Visit My Kingdom Anytime

  39. Love the multi tone earrings! So fun! :)

    I'm a follower!

  40. Hi Sarah! What beautiful earrings and an amazing organization! I have been following you, but for whatever reason your blog is not updating in my feed...

  41. Tweeted: http://twitter.com/jessicamurfin

  42. Ok one more! I checked out the website and I love love the black and jewel toned pearl bracelet. http://store.nightlightinternational.com/product_p/p018b.htm

  43. I follow you for sure

    what a fantastic giveaway, i would love to have the top pair, they're both gorgeous

  44. This is the best contest I've seen on the blog-o-sphere! Anything involving Thailand is near and dear to my heart. Great idea and great blog! :)

  45. Favorite piece from the sight: Black and Copper Glass Pendant Necklace

    Favorite earring: Multi-Tonal Pink and Cream Pearl Earrings

    Just tweeted about you!

    Check out my blog your featured on there


  46. I'm a follower now! Just found your blog and I love this giveaway, and the cause behind it!

    I would like the pink and cream earrings, please, and I will blog about this on http://thisisnotmydayjob.blogspot.com

  47. Off of the website the Multi-Blue Beaded Bracelet is my favorite!

  48. Thanks for telling me about your giveaway! I haven't had time to catch up on Google Reader!

    I'm a follower and I would like the Black and Jewel Toned Pearl Earrings!! How cool!

  49. I blogged about your giveaway, Sarah Ann! Here's the link...


  50. I had a friend volunteer/work in Africa for a year as a part of an organization similar to this, and she brought all of her major sponsors of her trip various pieces. My mom was a recipient and the work is just amazing! Great giveaway :)

    I am a follower and my favorite is the pair of black & jewel tone earrings!

  51. My favorite piece off the website is the lime & aqua bracelet - perfect spring colors :)

  52. I am following your blog and I love the black and jewel tone earrings!


  53. Love what Nightlife does, heard about it a while back and have heard a lot about it since that time. Amazing organization!!!

    And my favorite piece from their site is the Onyx and Graphite Necklace!



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