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Thursday, April 29, 2010

love in fives

1.  Mint Milanos

When I was little, my mom used to eat these.  They were her favorite.  I wasn't allowed to eat them unless she gave me one.  I remember feeling like they were gold.
I still feel that way.  They're divine.

2. My Chair
I bought this chair from Target right after we got married, and I love it so much.
It's comfy and chic!

3. The Hubs' Style
He is a music guy.  But he doesn't always dress like one.
He's all guy, and I love it!  I love the rugged, manly look.  And a baseball cap.  So I'm actually thankful he doesn't always look like his worship leader friends.  Not that I don't like that style, I just really love his.

4. Hats
I love them (on other people).  I wish I could wear them.  Maybe I need more hat-confidence?
Either way, I do love looking at them and trying them on.
  So cute, yes?

5. Blog Design
I love my current one.  I love dirtandlace designs, who designed my header and button, but I think I'm going to replace them.  Only because I am loving designing blogs (bon blog designs) and I want to do my own, as well!  I don't know if I will change much else but my header and button, but all of you need to be prepared to replace my button (again, I know).


  1. My mom used to eat the brussels from pepperidge farm and I remember feeling the exact same way about those. As I still do :)

    Love the chair! Adorable!

    So cute that you love your husband's style so much.

    I also need more hat confidence! I love hats and I have plenty but I NEVER wear them. I feel too silly.

    I like your blog design. I want a new one. I'm going to check out your site! :)

    Happy Thursday, Sarah!

  2. I'm determined to find this hat's cheaper sister somewhere. http://www.oldsoulnewheart.com/ I'm super self conscious about hats too. I have big ears it doesnt work out so great but my husband loves me in hats so I'm trying to get over it.

  3. Love the list. Your hubs does have fab style! I like rugged-boyish men! :) As for hats, I totaly agree.. I think they are so cute.... ON OTHER PEOPLE!

  4. I love Milanos....yum! Awww your hubby is a cutie :) I so wish I was a hat person too...I just think I look silly in them!

  5. i have that chair in a different pattern and also love it. i get so many compliments on it.

  6. I need more hat confidence. I have like 8 and I've worn them once each, and each time I wear one they only last half the day 'til I get self-conscious and rip it off and stuff it into my bag!

    We should all make a hat-pact. Then our solidarity will help us overcome! xo

  7. I love milanos too! :) and that chair is adorable!!

  8. I will definitely have to try the mint version of the milanos, they sound divine! I totally know what you mean about the hat thing...I'm dying to pull off the fedora look and it just isn't happening :-/

  9. Milano cookies and our men! Two wonderful things :) xx

  10. I love a manly man too! Being creative is so great, but when it takes a man longer to get ready than me - uh, no thanks!

  11. oh man, i'm loving reece's hat and purse! so chic.

  12. I love hats too. I don't know if I really pull it off but I do it anyway!

  13. Cute chair!

    I definitely agree with the hat thing: Love trying them on, envy them on other people, but can't usually pull them off on myself.
    oh well. :)

  14. Hi Sarah! The "me too"s continue! I adore Milano cookies...they're probably my fav. non-homemade cookies in the world! Also love hats, also don't have enough hat confidence - that, and at the moment I have pretty heavy glasses that make it REALLY hard to pull off hats. I still own some though, and when I'm feeling brave, I got for it, and usually feel like I look ridiculous! - I enjoy blog design too! I've designed my blog myself (which is why it's not "perfect" - don't look too close!) and am having a really hard time LEAVING IT ALONE! The plan is to keep this design until fall, then go all out with a gorgeous autumn themed one. We'll see if I make it until September :-) Happy Thursday to you!

  15. I really wish i had hat confidence too! I have loads I've never worn!

  16. I'm not a big sweets person, but Mint Milanos are some of my favorite!

    You have a lovely blog, Sarah Ann! :)

    Liesl :)

  17. I AM WITH YOU!!! Manly and rugged. that is the way to go. :)



  18. i love the milano's myself. yum! i might have to have you design a blog for me. can you believe that I'd asked someone to design one for me almost two years ago and I still have nothing?

  19. I'll have to try the mint milanos! The chair is fabulous! And I love your hubby's style too! Adorable :-)

    I looked at your blog design page and love your work! I may be contacting you in the future to make over my blog :-)

  20. great list! that's so weird! my mom ate those when i was younger too! LOVE the chair!

  21. What a gorgeous chair. :D

  22. i didn't know they had mint milanos...that sounds SO good!
    and i love hats too, and i have no hat confidence either, maybe it's just for the celebs!

  23. I love trying on hats too... it's just too bad that I look terrible in most of them :(


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