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Monday, June 21, 2010

Whirlwinds and Fruit Flies

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

1. Since the mission trip ended a little over a week ago, I have not felt able to catch up on rest.  I guess that's what happens when you jump right back into life.

2. When we came home from the trip, I saw a couple of fruit flies in our apartment.  We were too exhausted to check it out.  The next day, however, I noticed a ton in the kitchen.  I didn't have any fruit out, but do you know what they came from?  Potatoes!  Somehow, our week-old potatoes decided to rot (something I've never seen happen).  To rid ourselves of these pests, we bought a sticky fly-attracting thing.  It looks disgusting, but I feel victory every time I see one more fly die on that contraption.  I think we are almost out of flies.  Thank goodness.  ( I don't need to post a picture of fruit flies.  They're disgusting.)

3. Sometimes I wonder why people hang up when they call the office.  I like to imagine why they freak out when I say, "Thank you for calling ____ Church, how can I help you?"  Are they guilty?  Do they have something against churches?  Some people really do have some funny premonitions.

4. I like complete darkness when I sleep.  Before we got married, I liked to use those eye-masks when I slept.  When we got engaged, Billy told me in no uncertain terms that he did not anticipate waking up to a wife with something covering half of her face.  Especially this one from Bath and Body Works:
I guess it is just a little creepy.

5.  My friend Baillie is going to have a baby!  You all don't know her, but you might know her sister-in-law, Chelsie.  We all found out yesterday, and it is just so exciting!  Last year, Baillie, Chelsie, and I got engaged in the same weekend and all were in each other's weddings.  I can not wait to see their beautiful baby!  They'll be great parents!
(Baillie and I with our to-be husbands at our shared engagement party)


  1. Fruit flies, actually flies in general, are so gross!!

    The lambie mask would be a little scary to wake up next to.

    Congrats to your friend! How exciting :-)

  2. I would definitely feel sweet victory over the flies! I love swatting them if I get one in my house! Those fruit flies are waaay pesky.

    My friend gave me a lambie...it is a little creepy. I never use it though because I prefer to be able to see if I open my eyes-like if I think I hear a noise or something. I'm a big baby. Haha!

  3. I used to work the front desk at my church before I got married and moved away...I used to keep a tally on how many hang-ups I got. People are strange I guess...anyways it made me laugh because I've been there.

  4. I also need complete darkness to sleep. My hubby will wake up in the middle of the night and turn on the TV until he gets sleepy again and it drives me crazy! The light form the TV always wakes me up!

  5. ewwww fruit flies are NOT fun!! that's crazy you got them from potatoes. glad u got rid of them!

    congrats to your friend! so many of my friends are having babies these days!

  6. That mask thing is cracking me up... though I think your hubby is so sweet!! He just wants to wake up and see your entire beautiful face! :)

    I hate fruit flies... thank you for NOT posting a picture of them!

    YAY for babies!!!! :P

  7. I hate fruit flies! Nasty little buggers.LOL

    Congrats on Chelsie's baby! Babies are such a blessing!



  8. I've never tried sleeping with a mask but I'm intrigued. I'm leaving this week for a 10 day trip and you have reminded me, I have potatoes in the cupboard. I would have just left them. Goodness knows what I would have come home to!

  9. Flies of any kind are disgusting. I have had a hoard of fruit flies in my home before and it took forever to get rid of them! I thought the little eye cover thingy was real cute! I work at my church and people hang up on us all the time too. Why do they even bother calling? Congratulations on your friend's baby. Too fun!

  10. fruit flies are in fact repulsive. yuck.

    and people do the same thing when they call a law firm. "Good afternoon, ______ & ________...." *click* Okaaay?

  11. That is a cute eye mask, but I could imagine it be creepy to wake up next to. :)

  12. I hate fruit flies! I'm always nervous to leave fruit out b/c I hate them so much! I'm super excited about Baillie! :)

  13. ugh...fruit flies are so frustrating! and too tiny too kill without a sticky catching contraption :) Good job!

  14. Your mask comment made me laugh out loud! I've never tried sleeping with a mask but I think I'm going to have to get myself one of those. I wonder how my husband would react if he woke up to that...so funny!

    Congrats to your friend! There is nothing in the world that compares to being a Mommy :)

    Happy Monday!

  15. Yay for babies! I love seeing friends become new parents. It is such a wonderful experience!

    I have never seen potatoes rot either.... WEIRD!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. Babies are feeling okay. Baby J was fussy today from his shots from the doc, and Toddler B is still cranky and tantrum-y, so we'll see!

  16. oh my...all I can think of when I hear of fruit flies is a horrible experiment we had to do in freshman biology...mating them. gross! congrats to your friend on expecting! we just found out this weekend that our good friends are also expecting. It's so exciting! hope you've had a great Monday...and you don't get too many hang-ups tomorrow! ;)

  17. oh wow! congrats to bailie! so exciting! maybe you're next?!? : )

  18. yikes. flies are nasty. Hope you can wipe out your mini-infestation. My husband is in pest control and he eals with this kind of stuff all of the time. Glad you don't have drain flies! They are the worst.

  19. Fruit flies are nasty! Sometimes I wonder why God ever created them. I too also hate when people hang up when they call, it happens to me like 20 times a day it seems. Last but not least congrats to your friend!!

  20. Ok, I really need to invest in one of those Lambie face masks...because, like you, I need complete darkness to sleep! Your hubby should just give in & let you wear it :).


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