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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

CTWT: Join In!

Today, it's your turn. Today's way to change the world is to link up and tell us your own ideas.
If you've already posted for today, please plan on tomorrow if you still want to participate. I'll keep the link open until tomorrow night for you!

For motivation, I'll be giving away a free blog header or $20 off a package deal - and I'll be picking from the entries this week.


  1. I WILL be doing this later on today!!! So excited! :]

  2. Okay - so I'm new to your blog, could you explain your Change The World Tuesdays? I'm interested in playing along - just curious what it's about!

  3. Okay, so I am thinking ahead on how to join in. Looking forward to seeing what all people share!

  4. So annoyed to have missed joining in! My computer died and has only now been ressurrected ... next time *sigh*


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