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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Halfway Certifable

Alright, so I am probably a little Obsessive Compulsive.  I have some pet peeves that, well, I probably should let go of.  The problem is, I just can't!  There is a reason that they're called pet peeves...

For example, I hate when people text with bad grammar.  I know, I should get over it, right?  I mean, it saves space if you say "lol" instead of "laugh out loud" - but really, are you going to say that anyway?  I think that my English degree is ruining me.

Save the Animals commercials also kill me.  But I don't hate the animals!  In fact, I loved my childhood pets.  However, what about the starving children?  Not that animals aren't awesome... I would just make sure my own children were fed before my dogs.  I think we should keep that same mindset with the world.  (Alright, I'll get off of my soapbox...)

I also fold my trash.  I don't like when our trash is all crumpled.  Folded trash takes up less space.  It's ok if you think I'm crazy.  I am just a little bit.

I looked up symptoms for OCD and I definitely qualify for some of them... But I think most people would!  Some of you must identify with at least one of these symptoms:
  • Doubts that you've locked the door or turned off the stove.
  • Counting in certain patterns.
  • Making sure all your canned goods face the same way.
  • Repeatedly checking in on loved ones to make sure they’re safe.
  • Spending a lot of time washing or cleaning.
  • Unfounded fears that 1 failed to complete a routine task correctly, such as filling out a form, paying a bill, posting a letter.
  • Excessive List- Making. (This one points the finger at me immediately!)
Am I the only one?  Are we all just a little certifiably weird?
Please tell me you have some weird pet peeves and oddities, too...


  1. No, you are not the only one :) Between hubby and myself, we make up that entire list! My boss says the only "normal" people are the ones you don't know very well. I think he's right - haha!

  2. Oh no you are not alone sister.... I would call myself an emerging OBC.. hehehe

  3. Haha...the folding trash thing. hmmmm-I break down/fold up boxes, but are with talking chip bags and wrappers too? :-)

    Texting-lol is just way easier...you should try it one day. It might shave seconds off your texting time:-)

    Save the Animals-my mom says the same thing!

    According to that list, you're not alone. I count the steps when I go up and down them, I always get my hubby to go downstairs and check doors at night. However, I wish I spent more time cleaning:-) haha!

    Have a lovely day!

  4. Yes, we are all weird, just in different ways. In one of my early college classes we did a study on "pet peeves" and "idiosyncrasies" I think you've got a good list compiled there of you own. We all have them. I don't like to eat cheese some one else touched for example because one time when I was little my dad cut me a slice of cheese to eat and I saw his finger print on it and I've never been able to since. :)

  5. i am completely with you with the lol thing. i know sometime people say it to lighten the mood or to make things a little less awkward but there's not point in it at all!!

    and trust me, i think everyone is weird in their own way :)

  6. hilarious!
    I cannot stand when people text or type with bad grammar. I don't mind abbreviations as much but when they are ridiculous ones they drive me crazy...like shld instead of should. It just makes you look unintelligent! : )
    And I definitely have some of those 'symptoms.' Every night I ask my husband if he locked the door. If he's not 100% certain I make him go down and check/lock it. And doesn't EVERYONE have all of their canned goods facing the same way?? I can't imagine NOT doing that!

  7. hahaha I'm the same way about some things! I can't stand to watch those Save the Animals commercials, I always doubt that I shut the garage door, and I make lists for just about everything!

  8. I think we are soul sisters! Minus the trash folding thing. I would say I easily identify with more than half on the OCD list! Yikes!

    I am right there with you about the save the animals commercials. Dear Sarah McLachlan, please go sing about feeding a hungry child instead of trying to make me cry (unsuccessfully) as I listen to "In the Arms of An Angel" and watch pictures of sad dogs and cats. Yes, it's sad and we should help, but I think people take priority!

  9. I'm a little OCD myself! Never fear!

  10. I totally hear ya on the "Save the Animals" issue. I'm definitely an animal lover, but I think if they gave child poverty equal airtime, the wold wide hunger crisis wouldn't be as bad as it is...so sad.

  11. I say the same thing when I see the "adopt our sad looking pet" clips on the news and whatnot..I'm like- let's focus on people who need help instead! (although I'm like you- I love animals!)

    Bad grammar is a biggie for me... or misspelled words

    this drives me nuts: "their going to the park." Dont ya mean they're... they- are.. ugh. haha!

  12. Hi!

    I make lists...can't function without them..and I even decorate and doodle on them and sometimes even colour them! so that they're pretty!

    and my cupboard dishes need to be neat, like in a store..on display...and so do my canned goods....labels facing out....

    I like to think of myself as certifiably 'distinguished'!

    thanks for coming by to see me!

    come again!
    ciao bella
    creative carmelina

  13. I am completely OCD (CDO, in alphabetical order like it should be ;)) Seriously though, I am AWFUL.

  14. I will immediately admit that I'm quite weird too. My closet is color coordinated. I have rules about what covers in the bed you're allowed to be under depending on the time of day. I can tell if you've moved a pen more than an inch from its original spot. And I FULLY agree about bad grammar and spelling; it makes me cringe. But folding trash? That's a new one...that I might have to try.

  15. i hate bad grammar in texting too! and i have to spell everything out, not just abbreviate. it takes me forever. :)

  16. I don't know about the whole "folding the trash" thing...but everything else seems pretty normal to me! :) My hubby is way more OCD than I am, but I think most people are at least to some degree. No worries -- it takes all types to make the world go round!:)

  17. I'm with you on the bad grammar. I don't capitalize in texting or on the Internet, but I always make sure my grammar's correct. I think it's an English major thing - my friend Carla and I are both majoring in English and we are super OCD about grammar.

  18. You are so not alone. I am super OCD. Almost all of the things on your list are things that I also do!

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  20. OMGoodness, you're not the only one. I can check off everything in that list! Oh man....especially the compulsive list making. I'll make the same list five different times. Yikes.


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