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Monday, July 26, 2010

Spastic, Fidgety... and Boring

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

1. Real friends stay over until three o'clock in the morning and you don't even tire of them.  Billy and I had some of our favorite people over on Friday night, and we couldn't believe how late it got and we didn't even mind!  Thank God for really good, lovely friends.

2. I'm really fidgety.  I always like to be doing something with my hands (yes, like a five year old).  I hope it doesn't drive other people crazy.  I think sometimes it might make my husband think I'm a little weird, but he loves me.

3. I have a spastic style.  I show up to work one day in a skirt, blouse, heels, fixed hair, and makeup.  The next day, please don't expect this of me - I very well might not deliver.  I am likely to walk in wearing jean capris, gladiator sandals, and the first un-wrinkled shirt I could find.  And I'm lucky that day if I remember mascara.  

4. Painting my nails makes me feel weird.  I always see people with awesome colors on their pretty fingers, but I guess I just can't get used to it.  I will paint them for one day and then take it off.  I don't know how to not chip the paint - my hands are too busy (see number 2...).
If I could keep one color on them, I'd probably go with a something flesh-toned.  See how boring I am?
Maybe one day I'll get this bold:
Or... Maybe not.

5. Tomorrow I may make Change the World Tuesday available to you all... I just haven't fully made up my mind.  I need your feedback, please?!?


  1. Stopping by from Carissa's blog. :)

    I have a spastic style too. I couldn't agree more. One day I look like I could work on Wall Street or the Capital Building and the next I look like I'm headed to the beach. I love working at a company with such a relaxed dress code!

  2. Hi! I love your blog design! Painting fingernails annoys me, too, it's just going to get chipped later in the day-what's the point?
    I hope you will stop by my online, Christian magazine and become a subscriber: http://bloommagazine.webs.com

  3. So, please don't do that to your nails! haha Spastic style is ok, some days we have the time, some days we don't! I guess you should just be glad you have a boss/working environment that allows for it-that's always great

  4. i'm with you on #1. #3 - when i worked (wait, i still work its just called being a mom and i'm allowed to stay in jammies all day) i was the same way! i can't stand to paint my nails, its too much work for it too chip off the next day. have a happy day! #5- i think you should do it!

  5. hello! and yes, i am from charleston! haha. i've lived here my entire life! i can't stand painting my nails either, it just never stays looking good!



  6. I'm so glad to figure out..thanks to your note on the side...that my explorer was what caused me not to be able to view your blog. glad i got that one figured out :)
    i totally feel you on the nail polish thing i can never get the polish to stay on my hands longer than 12 hours, i am quite the fidgiter too :)

  7. my fingernails are always bare... if I do paint them it's for a special evening and I bust out the polish remover the next day! My toes are another story.. I like having those painted. :)

  8. I use to get manicures all of the time, but now I simply can't afford them. Hence, I have no pretty nails to paint. I would most likely chip them as well with all of the typing that I do.

    I am fidgety as well, except my feet are always moving, even when I am on the couch, they are moving back and forth, up and down, etc. Drives my husband nuts!

    Happy Monday!

  9. I don't like nail polish either! Just isn't worth the time! :)

    #5-just do it!

  10. I stayed up way past my bedtime too hanging out with friends this past weekend. It is fun hanging with good buddies!

    Cute blog design :)

  11. ALWAYS keep my tootsies painted, but I can't remember the last time my fingernails weren't plain al naturale.

  12. uh...i'm not a fan of those fancy nails either!!!

    i love your change the world tuesdays!!
    keep up the great work sarah!

  13. I am so fidgety too! I may just be over caffeinated but I just can't seem to sit still!

    Change the world Tuesdays is such a fantastic idea. I really want to participate soon!


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