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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A Move and A Hiatus

I haven't blogged in over a week.  I think that is record time for me since I started!
However, it was a much needed hiatus.  We have lots of changes and transitions coming up in our lives and ministry and taking this time to pray has been glorious.

Also, as many of you know, we moved two Fridays ago (August 6) and it pretty much has enveloped me over the past week.  I've been unpacking, finding where other unpackers put my things, and rearranging every little detail.  I still don't have it right, but I might not for a long while.

Some things I learned from our first move (after marriage):
1.  The husband and I are opposites.  We have the same goals, but completely different ways of getting there.  We actually came to a happy agreement that we would tackle different things and just trust one another to get them done.  I just didn't want to see how he did it.

2.  My mom helped us cut in while painting our new townhouse.  She's got amazing precision.  Billy and I tried to cut in some, but when my mom returned the next day, she told me in no uncertain terms that I was not to try to cut in again or to fix my mistakes with the white ceiling paint we had to buy (to, well, fix our mistakes).  I didn't protest too much.  I'm great at delegating, I found out.

3.  Dead ticks in your carpet doesn't mean you have live ones (I hope!).  It means the people before you have dogs, and then they sprayed.  Yeah, that's what it means.  (Really, we haven't found any live one - Real-life friends, you're safe!)

Also, today, I'm wishing happy birthday to my beautiful mother.  She's 29, again.


  1. Awww... lovely post... sarah.... hope things go good with ur new house <3

  2. I have missed your posts! Hope everything is going well!

  3. Hope the move went smoothly! I stink at cutting in as well. :) Happy Tuesday!

  4. glad things went well : )
    and glad you're back!!!

  5. awwww - happy birthday to your mom!! :)

    So glad the move is behind you! It's a never ending process to get your home just the way you want it! ;)

  6. Don't worry, I'm terrible at "cutting in" too. Thank God for my steady-handed hubby! You're right, you do learn a lot about people when you move. Good for you: delegating where necessary, and trusting hubs to get things done w/o having to micro manage. Sounds like a recipe for success to me! Hope you're settling in is going well!

  7. Good luck getting all settled in to your new home!

    Happy birthday to your mom...she looks so young!

  8. MY DH and I are exactly the same way - we know we are different in a lot of ways, and we've come to embrace it rather than try to change the other. It makes our marriage so much stronger because we're not constantly wishing or hoping the other would change.

    And seriously? Your mom is stunning!

  9. GOSH your mom is so pretty! :)

    And I am glad you guys are starting to settle in.


  10. Sarah, your mom is beautiful!! I would believe that she's 29 again :)

    I hope you are doing well, my dear! Sorry I haven't been commenting like I should :( I promise to be a better blog friend!


  11. Glad you're back in bloggy world. :) Glad you're getting moved in and everything is going well! So nice of your momma to help paint! That's the worst...we had awful, awful paint colors on our walls.

    Hope you're enjoying turning it into "home"!


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