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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Dear Anonymous...

Do you see this face?  Do you see the pain in her eyes?

You must have heard their story... our story.  You must have heard our pain for them.
About a month ago, on our block, a young man took his own life.  It was a wake-up call for us.  What were we doing?  Why weren't we reaching out to these people more?
Anonymous, you have joined with us.  You are one of our cause, and we thank you.
God bless you, Anonymous.
With your gift, you have touched our hearts, and we know that you will touch theirs.

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  1. Beautiful example of living faith. This family will be helped and I feel blessed to see such a sweet person reaching out to complete strangers. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Amazing. I love that some people really show they care.

  3. So sweet that someone took the time to show they care!

  4. how completely precious... I just love things like this. What beautiful hearts.

  5. wow...how amazing that you all moved with the spirit like this. Anonymous must be Jesus...and now you all are being Jesus to those people. What an example you are setting. Simply amazing!

  6. that is soo absolutely sweet to hear that people do care! xo

  7. What a sweet reminder to love, always. There are such genuinely sweet people out there.


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