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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Christmas Wish List (so far)

1.  World Peace.  Haha.

2.  White towels.  I am forever staining our pretty colored ones.  I think that it's the hubby's medicated facewash.  Anyway, white ones are better cause you can bleach them and they always look new!  Woo hoo!
3. This Planner from Etsy.  I love new planners.  I get a new one usually before my old one is finished.  Maybe they should make 6 month planners.  Maybe then, though, I would buy them every three months just because I'm weird like that.
4. The Billykirk Carryall from J. Crew.  I will not get this for Christmas.  Other than you bloggers, I won't seriously tell anyone that I want it.  I mean, it is a bit overboard.  But this is a wish list, right?  And I'm a regular Cinderalla, sans the fairy godmother.

 But I'd also settle for this one:

OR this one:
(All found on Jcrew.com)

Sigh.  I've been playing Christmas music at work.  I know this wishlist looks like I just want gifts, but you could take away gifts and I would still just adore Christmas.  Traditions, music, red and green, the birth of Jesus... I love it all.


  1. I've been playing Christmas music also, and have been debating about putting my tree and lights up in my office. Last year I got some really weird looks...so maybe I'll wait until after Thanksgiving. :o)I don't know if you like Glee, but their Christmas CD is wonderful!

    I am totally down for getting coffee one day! We've both got pretty busy schedules, but hopefully we can meet soon! :o)

  2. ah i am so ready for christmas too! i'm kind of excited for thanksgiving to be over just so we can start celebrating, decorating for christmas! yay! your wishlist looks great! i agree-i would be totally happy with no presents {although I think it would make me sad not to be able to give any} and just celebrating our sweet savior's birth!

  3. Great list! Can't wait for Christmas!

  4. What a great list! I'll take one of each as well!
    Thanks for your super-sweet comment on my blog! And thanks for joining!
    Came right over to visit! Love it! Will be back!!
    Hugs xxx

  5. Cute list. I'm dieing for Christmas to come as well. I just love the family traditions and celebrating the birth of Jesus!

  6. love your list. i should think about white towels too....ours keep getting stains too! i agree...with or without gifts, christmas is just so wonderful. for so many reasons!!!! :)

  7. agreed! THere are quite a few things I want this Christmas season, but like you I'd be happy just hanging out with the fam around a Christmas tree drinking some wine and laughing!

  8. I love the planner ... I'm searching for one!

  9. We tried white towels once. Forewarning: make sure ALL of your makeup has been removed before drying your face- we ended up with makeup smears all over ours after like a week, so we switched to deep purple and I {love} them.

  10. I really do need some new towels, I'll have to get some white ones!

  11. Love your wish list...I'm kinda a little obsessed over planners too. I've caved and started to listen to Christmas music too...and yes, what's not to love about this sweet season, huh?! Have a great Friday!

  12. I adore new planners and new purses! Hope you get everything you wish for!

  13. Planners on etsy!
    what a great idea; I NEED a planner and I never thought of looking on etsy.
    Thank you, thank you!

  14. I like your list. That planner looks super cute!

  15. I love the carry all's! I just bought this one yesterday, and so much cheaper than most! I bought it in blue.


    You can buy it online - I was invited to a trunk show so I was able to buy it in person, but I have been looking for a bag that could double for a work/laptop carrying bag, and I love it.

  16. LOVE that first carryall from Jcrew!! Gorgeous!!

  17. Does your hubby use Proactive?! Mine does, and we can ONLY use white towels and white sheets because of it... very annoying!! ;P


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