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Friday, November 12, 2010

I Have a Great Personality

You know how you say, "She's got a great personality..." when you have nothing else to say about somebody?  You know, maybe you don't know her very well, or she has some unfortunate qualities you want to cover...

Well, that's how I feel about myself right now.  If somebody pointed at me and asked how I was doing at life, I'd pop up my head out of my pile of work and craziness, and go,
"Before you judge me, you should know, I have a great personality!"

I mean, I'm still on my feet, and I really am nice.  I'd like to think my personality is not so terrible.  Most things are getting done around me.  Key word: most.  My life is a little crazy right now, and some things just go onto the back burner, so my life doesn't look all put together all of the time.
Here's why:

Two days ago, I realized that we were relying on one roll of toilet paper.  For our three bathrooms, we had been carrying around one role of TP.  Literally carrying it around.  From upstairs to downstairs.
We had to buy some more because I had small group.  Otherwise, I don't know what would have happened.  Thank goodness for small group.

I have started to wash my hair only every few days.  Please, please, please, call me gross.  Maybe you will motivate me to pamper myself more.  Yes, that is what I have started to call showers.  Pampering.  Girl time.  Relaxing.
Sooner or later, if I don't speed up my washing cycle, I'm going to look like this:
Ok.  Hopefully not.  But that's how I feel.

The biggest slacker thing is that I'm still blogging.  And I'm watching deleted scenes from The Office.  And laundry needs to be done, dishes need to be washed, and a paper needs to be started.  My brain is just too tired to do anything else for now.

But before you judge me, remember, please remember, I have a great personality!


  1. there's nothing wrong with washing your hair every few days! it's supposed to be healthy!! :) (and if it doesn't get greasy easily and no one can tell...then who cares!)

    i've definitely been having those "i don't want to do what needs to be done" days lately. hope things get better!

  2. hehe, great post!
    and yeah, I don't wash my hair every day, i never get greasy hair so it just depends if it looks god awful in the morning or not :)

    and a happy weekend to you!

  3. You are preaching to the choir with this post! I seem to always have to vaccuum, put clothes away, do dishes, and organize my mess (aka my apartment). It gets bad when people "expect" for my place to have that "lived-in" feel to it and get impressed when it is more picked up.

  4. haha too funny! I have many days when I just need that sign taped to my shirt... "I have a good personality!" haha :)

  5. haha girl... lots of people live like that all of the time and are fantastic people, regardless of if they have to fall back adn depend on their personality or not ;) and i think it's even better for your hair if you don't wash it every single day.

  6. You are too funny girl!!! This made me laugh, and I'm looking forward to following you! Thanks for your sweet, sweet comment on my blog - and tell your husband that I don't think ANY amount of water can cure PMS!

  7. haha this too funny! i feel the same way, regularly. you are not alone :)

  8. I put The Office before my chores every day. :)

  9. Scary thing is...we just may be the same person. Our dishes are overflowing onto our counter. ONTO our counter!! I got down to only one pair of clean underwear in my drawer this week. ONE pair! And I'm still blogging like a champ and doing everything in my power to put off writing my paper for my class next week.

    Gotta keep the priorities straight! ha! Like for instance me reading you blog instead of moving the wet clothes to the drier right now. ;D happy weekend!

  10. whew i'm glad i'm not the only one!

  11. I'm sorry things have been so crazy for you lately. But I can totally related to putting off showering and other daily chores that should be done because I am "too busy" and yet I still make time for twitter and blogging. It's ridiculous! I hope things slow down for you soon!

  12. we have totally done the carry around the last roll of toilet paper thing...too many times to count! haha! you are so funny! hope you have a good weekend! :)

  13. Not to encourage your temporary hygiene hiatus, but have you tried baby powder in your hair? All the college and high school kids do it these days to make their hair not look greasy. ha. Might be worth a shot until you take showers more regularly. (-:


  14. Love this post! :)
    Your hair is probably really healthy and shiny {every couple days, after you shower} because actually washing your hair everyday destroys your hair. People tell me that all the time... yet it's a habit I just can't seem to break. If I'm in the shower... I usually have reached for the shampoo and sudsed up my hair before I even know what happened!

  15. I can definitely relate!

    Thanks so much for your really sweet comment on my blog. It means a lot! xox Molly

  16. Your so funny!!! Put yourself first some times! Take that nice relaxing shower! I still heart you! LOVING the new blog look btw! <333

  17. I got your comment on my blog. Thank you!...so I came on over to see "who" you were. I'm loving your blog AND your personality! No wonder you have so many followers.

    Your toilet paper situation made me laugh. I hate running out of t.p. so I stock up. My parents would always run out when I was little so we'd have to run to the store. I guess that's why I stock up and make sure we never run out.

    And....if I could get by without washing my hair every other day...I WOULD. :) My hair is just not the type.


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