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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Dear Rudolph,

He's just using you for your nose.
Sincerely, The Other Reindeer.

I'm so excited for all of these movies.  
It's amazing that they got such real footage of Rudolph and all of the elves.  
(Hey, I wasn't allowed to believe in Santa.  I had to find some magic somewhere.)

Merry Almost Christmas, friends.


  1. Hey, you said you weren't allowed to believe in Santa....my husband and his mom don't really want our kids to either. I've been torn on the whole subject. They don't think we should lie...while I think it's completely innocent and part of being a kid. Can you expand on this? It is a big deal to me and I thought my husband and MIL were the only ones like this. Maybe hearing your story will help me.

    You can email me if you want instead of posting a blog post.

  2. I ADORE that movie!!!! :):)

    I just noticed that I am your weekly favorite -- thank you so much!! :) I'm blushing at my computer!haha

  3. i love watching these movies!!!!

  4. Hahaha! Love this quote. I'm also excited for these movies, classics.

  5. I love love love Christmas movies!

  6. this is great. I always felt so sorry for poor rudolph! :)

  7. I honestly haven't seen the Keats movie yet. Its on my list of things to do after exams but I will let you know. I love the blog by the way!!!

  8. I love all those movies too!!! And it's so funny, cause I wasn't allowed to believe in Santa either!! Hehe!! My parents were weird. ;)

  9. This was my favorite X-mas movie growing up. I love your blog. New follower :)


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