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Monday, February 28, 2011

Those Were the Days


1.  Quotes on Grande Starbucks cups.
Seriously, I do.  It devastated me when I could no longer be inspired by both my mocha and my cup.  I was determined to get one of my quotes on there (one day, somewhere over the rainbow).  It really is so sad that they're gone.  Are they coming back?  So, so sad.

2.  Dressing up as Mary for our church Halloween (though I'm sure we named it something more positive and uplifting...)
Ok, ok.  I did just put this on the list because I wanted to share this hilarious picture.  I look so unhappy.  Also, it is a little weird that I dressed as Mary.  Not that she wasn't great or anything, but I don't think I understood the whole virgin birth thing yet.  I even carried around a baby doll.  I should have been another character, you know, maybe Ruth?  Or maybe a younger version of Mary, sans baby?

3.  Saying "Like" every other word
This is sarcastic.  I do not miss this at all, in any way, shape, or form.  I have a fifteen year old brother (in the previous picture, he's the one holding the lamb... obviously, he was younger then) - and all of his friends say "like" as if it is going out of style.  I consistently think, Did I really do that?!  I know I did.  You know, like, the word like, is like, just the greatest, like, right?

4.  Thinking I was a Good Singer
This is the problem with marrying an extremely talented man.  I used to know that I wasn't that great, but you know, I secretly thought I was kind-of alright at singing.  You know, I could carry a tune.  I mean, I wouldn't sing in front of anybody, but if you were to ask me, I'd tell you I wasn't awful.
Wrong.  I was so wrong.  I AM awful.
The other day, the "I'm-ok-at-singing" thought reared its head again.  I was alone in the house.  I was singing Bruno Mars' song "Grenade" ... and I sounded like a mix between Mariah and Carrie (if I do say so myself).  Then, it happened.  Billy came home, and all of the sudden, my voice left me.  I have no idea what happened, but when he joined in, I sounded TERRIBLE.  Maybe my voice just changed because I was nervous, and I couldn't use my real talent in front of him (I'm totally lying). 
Really, though, I miss lying to myself about my musical talent.  I really do.


  1. I miss the Starbucks quotes too! They were awesome!

  2. I miss the quotes on Starbucks quotes too! I loved reading them and I'd often write them down in my journal so i could reread them even after i threw out the cup.

  3. Haha... That picture! And the last one is so cute. I didn't sing around Kelly for two years... I was too nervous! I'm sure you did sound good! : )

  4. Not to brag, but I'm pretty sure one of Brandon's friends had a quote featured on a Starbucks cup. Ha! I tried to submit one once, but sadly, Starbucks wasn't impressed.

  5. I happen to love your singing voice! ;)

  6. I loved the quotes on the Starbucks cups. I do hope they will bring them back.

  7. haha...I can TOTALLY relate to that last one!! :)

  8. Justin gives me the craziest look when I try to sing. He literally cracks up. I know I'm awful...and I sing loud and proud anyway. For some reason. ;) I guess it's good that hubbies can keep us grounded, ha!

  9. How funny that you dressed as Mary for Halloween. That's great! Enjoyed this post and wishing you a lovely week!

  10. Let me just say, I've heard you sing (car trip with you and billy on the retreat to the cabin)- and you weren't bad.. not compared to how I sing lol. Love you!

  11. this is so funny! and i miss the starbucks cups too!!!!!


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