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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Make My Day

I have had a weird past few days not feeling so well.  I had a migraine I thought was going to make me throw up.  I have been weirdly busy and unproductive because of being so weird.
However, I am trying extra hard to be somewhat positive right now.
Something that just made it easier:

The guy I just walked by on the way to the coffee shop. I kind of barely know him, but I know overall, he's pretty nice.  I waved at him, trying to be nice (because I'm in a cranky mood, right now, nice is an effort), so I waved. 

Me: waves
Him: Hey, Sarah, right?
Me: Yep! Hi.
Him: Hey, I talked to your husband for a good ten minutes last night.
Me: Yeah, cool.
Him: Yeah... He really, really loves you.

And then we walked away. 

Thank you, random guy, of reminding me how blessed I am. 

PS - I really, really love my husband too...


  1. That is SO nice!

    Once a man at church told John that he had never seen a wife so in love with her husband before he met us. I thought that was the nicest compliment of all time.

  2. That is the sweetest thing ever! I hope you feel better soon :)

  3. And you just made my day. :-)

    Such a cute thing to say.

    And feel better soon

  4. ahaha! how cute! and weird...hope you feel better!

  5. haha...for some reason this made me laugh as I reenacted it in my mind. Very sweet, but funny! I can completely relate to making the choice to be friendly.... :) Hope you get to feeling better!


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