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Monday, June 6, 2011

5 Things

I was tempted to write about all of the things I need to do this week.  I'm an accomplisher.  I live to reach the next goal, be in the next season, move toward higher ground. 
However, in the last year or so, God has been teaching me how to live in the present.  I want to be the best me and the most thankful for my life right now
I know that God has a plan that will move us forward in life, but I never want to forget each moment that he gifts us with.  Every stage is a part of the vital process he has placed me in, and I don't want to wish any part of process away.  So, instead of writing the long list of things to do or change, I wanted to write a list of what I'm thankful for in the here and now.

5 Things I Love About Our Life TODAY:

1.  Our freedom to have nights open.  This may seem small, but Billy's job is a normal, 40-hour week, which leaves us many free nights for ministry and meeting with people.  Which leads me to #2...

2.  The ministries we are a part of.  We are involved in a few different ministries at our church, and I'm in love with each one.  Our small groups are a blessing in SO many ways, and the different services are great times of fellowship and encouragement.  Also, the outreach we get to do has changed my life, and I will never forget what it has taught us.

3.  Our precious little home.  We rent a 2-bedroom townhouse, and I adore it.  It's got so many little things that I would've never asked for myself but that I love.  It's got electricity, heat, and AC.  The walls are clean and beautiful.  I have ample space to have guests and friends, and that is the whole purpose of having a home.

4.  Our church family.  We have a ton of other young-married couples in our church right now.  I fully know that this is rare and wonderful, and I try to take advantage of it as much as possible.  Having so many other believers in the same stage of life is incredibly encouraging.  I never thought that I would have so many good friends surrounding me.  I know that if God ever moved us, this may not be the case, so I'm thankful for each and every moment with these people.

5.  My Superman husband.  I have the best husband in the world.  He really needs his own list, actually.  He's incredibly forgiving, kind, and encouraging.  Plus, I think he's really swoon-worthy handsome.  I am so awed by the leader he's become in our home.  I trust his decisions and his relationship with the Lord.  He's everything I never knew I needed.


  1. we have been so blessed to have a lot of other young couples in our church too...it is so amazing! I"m so glad you get to experience that too. Your list is wonderful-you'll definitely be glad you wrote it someday down the road!

  2. this is lovely! Number 1 especially...it's a gift.

  3. i love this idea of finding the things you are grateful for! this is a great list!

  4. Love this list. Such huge blessings that we so often can overlook! We long for that situation of having more young newly-married couples to fellowship with. We just don't have that in our church. We're very blessed with our best friends that go to our church, but have been in prayer that God would lead us to other young couples for fellowship as well. You are so right to treasure that!

    LOVE that last line about your hubby. It's so amazing what God teaches us through a God-fearing man as a husband and leader.

  5. You are awesome! And such an encouragement to be thankful :)

  6. Love this post...hope you're well friend~Hope you're having a great Monday. I have some exciting news on my blog! Hope you can check it out. Have a great night honey! Kori xoxo



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