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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Only in Pregnancy...

...Will I ever relish this little boy kicking his mommy not just once but multiple times.  I am pretty sure he will get in trouble from birth on out for either punching or kicking me.

...Will I let people touch an otherwise uninteresting part of my abdomen.

...Will I cry over wanting wings at 11:45pm because I feel absolutely insane but can't help sobbing (goodness... I do hope this stops after the baby comes).

...Will people smile sympathetically when I tell them that I cried at 11:45pm over wings.

...Will I memorize every square inch of my bathroom because I visit it so often, due to those kicks directed at my bladder and the earlier nausea/vomiting.

...Will I be so happy and blessed to feel so weird, off-kilter, and a little bit (or a lot) crazy.


  1. It's okay! I once cried because Dillon bought me regular moose tracks, and I wanted chocolate moose tracks!

  2. I think I controlled my pregnancy crying pretty well. Although I'm still amused at some of the not at all sad songs that have made me tear up.

  3. In the first trimester of my first pregnancy I had a similar moment. We had just sat down to dinner and we getting ready to eat and I burst into tears (like, ugly crying) and when John asked what was wrong all i could say was, "I don't know!!" while I continued to sob! haha It's such a blessing and worth all the "crazy"! ;)

  4. haha...I love this. I often am in tears over food. I'm hungry and nothing sounds good...I'm too full and can't breath...I have a craving but can't have it...

    You are so right....only in pregnancy!! ;)

  5. cute post!

    Congratulations :)

  6. haha, isn't it just a beautiful yet very strange time?!

  7. haha... truth! it's so funny to hear stories from women who are or have been pregnant talking about their cravings. it makes me wonder what i'll be like when i'm pregnant!

  8. I came across your blog and just love this post! Soooo true with pregnancy! Definitely cried my fair share of "why am I crying" tears! :) glad I found your blog!

  9. Sounds exciting!!! Can't wait for it one day ;)

  10. oh pregnancy! You are so funny! So glad I get to be around as you go through this crazy, exciting time!


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