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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

25 Weeks!

How far along: 25 weeks

Baby size: A loaf of bread!  ...Over 13 inches and 2 pounds!

Sleep: Sleep is going relatively well.  It's not bad, but it's not the most amazing sleep I've ever gotten in my life.

Movement: I watch my stomach move daily.  I have an app on my phone that allows me to count kicks (you're supposed to get 10 in at least 2 hours).  This morning, this baby moved 10 times in 47 seconds.  This is pretty much how it is all of the time.  I think he's supposed to sleep sometime, but I don't know?  I wonder if this means anything about how he'll be as a little boy...

Food cravings/aversions: I haven't had many cravings.  I am super happy that Starbucks has reintroduced the Peppermint Mocha, though.  Don't tell my midwife that I have had three this week.

Pregnancy Symptoms: I cried the other day sending one of my best friends a sweet, sappy message on Facebook the other day.  Like, cried.  And it was embarrassing.  What was worse, somehow, the message never got sent.  So my emotional efforts were not super effective.  Like many other things I do these days.  I was talking to my mom about the shower at the birthing center, you know, that it has a seat.  And it came out like this: "In the shower, mom, there's a hotel.  It's awesome."

What I miss:  My brain.  I like the usual clarity.  

What I'm looking forward to:  The holidays!  I'm so excited to have our little man inside of me for Thanksgiving and Christmas!

Milestones: I keep nesting.  I don't think that's a milestone, but I fully understand now.  And I hope I don't take it too the extreme, which shouldn't be a problem, because I'm never extreme with anything.

Best moment this week:  Taking the time to fix my hair.  It's something small, but it made me feel relaxed and put together.

Moments with Billy:  Baby Liam adores his dad.  If he stops kicking for any amount of time, and Billy starts talking or touching my stomach, the baby gets incredibly excited.  I love that Billy has this influence already.


  1. Oh I love the baby updates!! And you are so funny - you extreme? Never!! haha You're hair did look amazing this week :) and I think you should enjoy as many peppermint mochas as you want ;) Love you!!

  2. You are so precious! I Love that you show your face in the self pics-you look beautiful!
    My baby ALWAYS kicked so much whenever I would count. One time I literally counted over 100 kicks in 60 seconds-it was hilarious! She is not a very wild baby on the outside, though so you might be safe :) She too loved her daddy and would always wiggle around to the sound of his voice-such a sweet bond!
    I am really jealous-my shower did NOT have a seat in it...or a hotel ;)

  3. You are GLOWING!!!! So beautiful!!

    And I don't know if I told you or not, but I LOVE Liam's name! :)

  4. Yay! How cute are you!?! The holidays will be even more fun when that little guy is out of your belly:-) I totally get the sappiness and crying...I'm feeling that too this time around! Congrats :-)...even though I'm way late!

  5. So sweet! You are awesome!!!

  6. I love this post! Your pregnancy is going by so fast it's crazy. Your so cute

  7. Ok, how cute are you?? I just found your blog, so congrats on your pregnancy!!! Very sweet post. :)


  8. you look great! i am sure you will get your sanity back soon :)

  9. Loved reading this and reminiscing on the posts I did during pregnancy. Such a wonderful, exciting time...wondering in anticipation what that sweet baby will be like on the outside! You look wonderful!! How sweet that Liam already adores his daddy. Doesn't get better than that! Adeline had hiccups like crazy in the womb--she does on the outside too. ;) She also was a crazy mover--her feet would kick my sides like crazy most evenings--and she's such a little squirmer on the outside. Her legs and little feet are never still. Not a wild baby, but a mover and groover! So I'm definitely a believer in the fact that those womb habits also manifest themselves on the outside! ;) enjoy every minute---it only gets sweeter and sweeter!


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