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Monday, April 16, 2012

Supermom & An Announcement

I'm evidently not supermom.
My baby eats, sleeps, poops, and gets bathed when I see dirt under his fingernails (hey, let's be honest here).  I am learning to wash dishes and do laundry and sometimes think about sweeping crumbs I've walked by for days.  I am thankful for events that make me shove clutter into the closets so that I can forget that sometime, I must organize that clutter.

I've also been a terrible blogger.  Just now, as my life is starting to make sense again and as my brain can do other things besides watch the clock for the next feeding, I am ready to come back.  And when I say come back, I'm talking all the way.  YES, I'm crazy.  I am starting to blog again and...

I'm reopening 
By Wednesday of this week, my blog design site should be up and running.  Until then, I've promised my friend a blog design and I will be working on getting hers put together.  I am SO excited about this as I've missed this part of my life!  I'm a better person when I have a creative outlet!  Soon, I'll be having a giveaway on a sweet friend's blog, and you'll have a chance to win a blog revamp!

And just so you can see what I've been focused on lately, here's a picture of us:

We're pretty much having a BLAST!


  1. so great to have you back! And it is totally understandable to disappear for a bit...I mean look at his sweet face!

  2. I can relate...my little guy is almost a year old and just now I've got the energy to do any sort of cleaning, or showering for that matter :)

  3. You have a beautiful reason to disappear! Glad you are back.

  4. He's beautiful. Congratulations!

  5. Had to laugh out loud at that picture. SO adorable!! I love his expressions! Girl, I am sitting here reading blogs because I haven't in oh maybe a month...and trying to not think about the piles of dishes, clutter, clothes, etc. that are all over the house. They're only this little once. We have to keep sane. Hence, sometimes ignoring what the world tells us about having a perfectly clean house...and feeding our soul instead and loving on our little ones with all our might. Keep it up Momma...you are doing awesome! And congrats on reopening your design business!!


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