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Tuesday, April 17, 2012


The past couple of months have been quite trying in certain areas of our lives.  We have added one beautiful little boy to our family, and that's been one of the best things ever.  However, there have been other situations that have made me want to crawl back in bed and be a child again without any grown up worries.
Ah, worries.  They plague me daily in almost every form.  I worry when we don't have enough money, and when our cars break down.  I worry about friendships and things I say and odd stretch marks that I now bear in multiple places.  The problem is, if the things I worry about today were solved tomorrow, I know there would be something else to worry about.

So, instead of worrying, today I will:

1. Be thankful for the opportunity for such great faith.  It is in these moments that God continues to show up in our lives in the most obvious ways, just to comfort us.  He keeps reminding me that He's aware of our situation, and that though things may not be fixed in an earthly sense, He will sustain us in our spirits, in our hearts.

2. Choose to breathe life into my thoughts.  God gives me the choice daily between life and death, blessing and cursing (Deuteronomy 30).  It's my inner self, my secret thoughts, that harbor my deepest worries.  I will understand today that I have a choice to not think on those things, to remind myself Who is in control and that He desperately loves us, no matter what.

3. Pump up my prayer life.  I understand that there is a spiritual battle going on consistently.  Therefore, I choose to look past what I can see and pray over my worries whenever they arise.  Prayer works in every area of my life, but especially in my perspective.  When I can hand something over to God (as if He wasn't already in control),  I am reminded of His great care for me, and I can find peace even when things look really bad on the outside.

Philippians 4


  1. I am so glad you're back-your blogs are always so encouraging!
    I had to laugh about the stretch mark worry--right there with ya girl ;)

  2. I'm with Natalie...so glad to see you back at blogging. Girl, right with you on the worrying!! And you are so right...prayer is really the only answer.


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