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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Moment by Moment

I've been thankfully busy designing blogs, wedding programs, and other small prints for the past week or so. It is a wonderful busy-ness, and it fills in the moments when I get to take care of my sweet son (being a mommy is my first job, of course). Sometimes, however, I feel as if everthing is flying by so quickly. The time I have cuddling on my couch with my husband, or sitting working out details of sweet Julie's blog design, or seeing my little man giggle at me whenever he catches my eye. Sometimes, I just wish I could hit the pause button. So many things are happening, so much wonderful life, and I can't seem to catch it all. Really, it's amazing how wonderful life is if we just take a moment to notice. Each moment is so precious... in trying times and in easy times. I'm taking deep breaths and thanking God for every little thing, moment by moment.

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  1. Im a new mommy too, I have a 5 month old, and yep it just goes so fast. It's sad but amazing at the same time. I'm loving each and every new thing he does. Enjoy!


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