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Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Our little Liam has hit all of his milestones with flying colors, and quickly.  Sometimes, it feels all to fast for this mommy.  While I'm trying to extract every part of his sweet babyhood, in first-born fashion, he's racing ahead before I'm ready for it.

There's one milestone, though, that I wouldn't give up for the world: his personality.

We keep a bib on him most times because he drools rivers down his chin, 
especially when he's trying to tell us something.

He doesn't like staying put, and I'm pretty sure he's super jealous of all of his crawler friends.

Liam's feet are a main attraction at the Rogers household these days.
And not just for Baby.  I (not-so-secretly) love them, too.

I'm not sure how often he closes his mouth.  He's pretty much talking non-stop.

This is exactly the face he makes when I go into his room in the morning.
Grumpiness no longer exists in my world.

Real food... another milestone that makes me slightly weepy.

What a childhood we have ahead of us.  I would say I can't wait, but really, I'm pretty happy with right where he is.  I can wait.  Today is exactly what I want to spend kissing little cheeks, wiping away little tears (among other things), and smiling back at the little boy who has a tight grip on our heart.


  1. adorable! absolutely adorable! thanks for sharing! definitely wait....it goes by all too quickly....mine are 9 and 7 now....blessings! thanks for stoppin by simplyhelpinghim.com

    1. Thank you thank you :) I'm biased, but I think he's pretty cute!

  2. What a cutie-pie! Thanks for stopping by His Pen on My Heart.

  3. Oh girl...I am right with you! I want to his the PAUSE button so badly most days. And yep, you can find me weepy a lot too! :)

    He's a doll baby!!

  4. Oh, oh, oh! Such a cute baby! Gorgeous blue eyes and a cute little face! Thank you for sharing!


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