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Wednesday, July 18, 2012


We've been married for 3 years in October, and I am in head-over-heels love with my husband.
This does not mean, however, that we have not had moments where I was completely overwhelmed by our situation or wondered what God was thinking.  Actually, I still have those days now.

I'm incredibly thankful that I am in a very passionate, almost cheesily romantic relationship, because it has often been the fuel God has given us to push through moments that we don't understand.
It's amazing to be able to look back at the past 3 years and see where God was growing us.  We've had moments where we knew that ALL we had to hold onto was God's goodness and the relationship He'd gifted us with.  As a wife, I've had prayer times committing to God that I trusted Him above all else, submitting to Billy because that's what God calls me to do, and fully believing that God honors the family structure He's created.  Time and again, God not only shows up at the end of our confusion, but we can see in hindsight that He was molding us the whole way through.

I'm thankful for a God who is intimately involved in our processes, not just our end results.
I look forward to a life full of them.


  1. Amen!! Love this post so much (and am so hoping for a Jesus led relationship!)

  2. Love this! Praise the Lord for a God fearing man as a partner in this marriage journey. God is just TOO, TOO good to His followers.

  3. Marriage can be hard sometimes and when many others seem to give up so easily it is lovely to see couples who truly love each other and respect the commitments they make!


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