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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Autumnal Bliss

I've missed ushering in the start of fall with you guys.
(Actually, here in the South, I'd say ya'll, but the rhyming was just too much.)

I feel like I'm just coming up for air after a couple of weeks of full on, all encompassing parenting.
I've missed you, I've missed myself, but that teething, sick, newly-independent baby needed every one of my moments.
Yesterday, things started to turn around for my poor little guy, and we sat on the swings...
His head on my chest, my feet pumping.
Watching a Carolina sunset, reveling in the change of seasons, the crisp air tingling into my skin.

I am starting to love the fall more than I ever have.
The old is gone, making way for the new, the blooming, the reborn, every year.
And His grace is sufficient, and I am a new creature, my spirit refreshed.
And I lift my head to surrender to the giving and taking away, the endings and the beginnings.

My arms and my emotions and my eyelids are tired, but my heart is thankful for the reminder of the cycle, the process, the death, and the bringing of newness, of freshness, of life.


With the coming of fall, I've become kind of thrilled to decorate, since we are finally in a house all our own this year.
My sweet friend Chelsie is making some gorgeous wreaths just in time for the new season.
She's selling them HERE, and you should get in on the goods.


Happy, happy fall, lovely friends.
Let it happen... let the endings come, embrace the process.
New life is waiting on the other side.