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Monday, October 15, 2012

31 days: Makeover

Be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power.
"Pick up the house, Jesus is coming over."
It's how I feel sometimes.

This running, scrambling of hiding the dust mites and the dirty dishes version of myself.  Really, desperately wanting to give my best to my Jesus.  Reaching into some hidden closet that I don't really have to muster up the goodness and strength and best-ness to present before Jesus comes over.

My inner woman is tired and her hands are calloused and sometimes getting through the day is a victory for her.

Sometimes, her mascara is smudged and her lips are cracked and she only has enough strength to put on yoga pants and an oversized t-shirt before she meets up with her Maker.

It's easy for me to get distracted with her disheveled state.
I'd rather be dressed up for a dinner with the King.  (Or a snack, or a breakfast, or a coffee date...)

That's just not the way it works.
I just can't muster, dress up, be or say or do enough to prepare myself adequately like He deserves.
Even if I tried, I'd break under the pressure of the impossible.

So I walk up, smudgy eyes and all, and He dusts me off, picks me up, and nourishes my bones.
He makes me over.  
He makes you over.
You will never have enough strength for the day or for the moment on your own.

It's in Him.

It's not about how you look when you approach the throne, it's about how He sends you back out.

Come empty, leave full.
Come filthy, leave sparkling.
Come with tear-streaks, leave burden-less.

He will, He will, He will make you over.