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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Domain Name...

Ok... So I was inspired to do this by Chelsie who added a wordpress blog and made it into her married name.  My plan had been to make a whole new blog with my new name, but then I would have to change all of my links, update the blogroll, and I couldn't transfer the posts that I've written.  And I love wordpress, so it's not like I would change to blogger/blogspot or whatever else is out there.

So, I found this really cool thing on wordpress where you can update your domain name for a small price... So now, my old domain (sarahannrichard.wordpress.com) still works, but for all said purposes, the main domain is sarahannrogers.com.  I don't have to change a thing but that!  It's so cool.  Thanks wordpress, for making this so easy, and thanks Billy, for asking me to be your wife!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Wedding... Updated!

Ok.  First off, thank you everyone for being excited that we were looking at the Extension... except that now we've changed!  We are going to be getting married at the Seacoast wedding chapel, because of where we chose the reception.  This part I'm super excited about!  We are having it at the Embassy Suites downtown in the "Atrium".  It's so beautiful and I'm so so happy with that choice.  We have chosen a date - October 17!!  I'm so glad that we have that nailed down.  Billy has gotten a job at a place called "EMA" which is connected to SPAWAR.  This really was an answer to prayer and is providing us with really good health insurance, which is definitely something we've been waiting on.

As far as more wedding related stuff goes, we've made some decisions, yet I feel like with some of the little things, I keep changing my mind.  I met with a florist, and chose the bridesmaid's bouquets.  They are going to have long-stemmed garden roses (which are HUGE).  They're really pretty and really pink.  Because the dresses are a pretty muted blue, I wanted a pop of color.  My bridal bouquet is getting there, but I haven't settled on anything yet.  I'm looking into different ways to do invitations, and haven't decided if we want to order them or print them ourselves.  Surprisingly, the prices are pretty close.

Oh!  We took engagement pictures with Alexa and are SO happy with all that we've seen so far.  She's amazing!  If you ever need pictures done, call her!  It was really fun, even though Billy was pretty sick when we took them (he had food poisoning a couple of days before...).

As far as music, Phillip McCart, whose wife is happily pregnant (yay!), has agreed to help us with music at the reception.  I didn't really want a dj, because we don't want a ton of different music, but I did want to be able to put together a playlist and have somebody be able to manage it and announce us and the different dances.  Phillip was definitely the one who came to mind, as he knows so much about technology and every thing I have ever seen him do is always so excellent.  I feel pretty blessed that he would do this for us, because I can't think of anyone that will do better!  Also, we are having Kelly Graham sing during the ceremony!  I'm really excited about this!  I'm not sharing the song, we'll try to keep that a secret (if we can!).

Anyway, I'll keep updating!  I'm so excited, and counting down the days... 210 from today!

Here's the Embassy Suites:

[gallery link="file" columns="2"]

P.S. - Just to give a huge thanks to Katie, my Matron of Honor, who has been wonderful! And all of my bridesmaids that have helped out lately and have tried on dresses for me and keep being excited.. thank you!  It's been so much fun talking with Baillie (my fellow bride-to-be and my bridesmaid) at work about all of our exciting and stressful times - I'm so thankful for her, excited for her wedding, and glad that we've only gotten closer through this!  And of course, going dress shopping with Anna, Jessie, Mallory, and Renee was awesome!  Thank you ladies for being excited.  And I'm excited to be in Chelsie's wedding... she's busy, of course, planning, and I know she'll be a beautiful bride!