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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Baby Update!

How far along: 15 weeks

Babe size: Apple

Total weight gain/loss: About 6 pounds

Sleep: I usually wake up an average of 3 times a night.  Also, I get anxious if I feel like I won't get enough sleep that night.  On the flip side, since I'm still really tired, I sleep like a rock when I am sleeping!

Movement: I think I may have felt one movement yesterday, but I wasn't one hundred percent sure.  I guess when I feel them more regularly, I will know whether or not it was one.  I am usually over-aware of what is going on with my body, so I hope I'm not wrong.

Food cravings/aversions: I have craved green-bean casserole, and finally got up the nerve to make it.  The smell of cold cream of mushroom soup makes me gag, so I held a rag soaked in lemon juice up to my nose, and that did the trick.  As far as aversions go, I have recently thrown up frosted mini-wheats on more than one occasion, so I guess we could say that one is an aversion.

Pregnancy Symptoms: Achy sides and lower abdomen, as well as some random tightening across my belly.  I am pretty forgetful, as in last week I tried to put a dirty dish in the fridge.  I'm also intensely emotional, which has it's ups and downs.  I love being in touch with how I'm feeling, well, when it's a good day...

What I miss: Feeling like myself, period.  I feel like something has taken me over, and I don't know quite who I am.

What I'm looking forward to: Some more movement, and our next appointment in one week.  Also, we're finding out the gender pretty soon.  I found your comments to be helpful, and I can't wait to share what we find out!

Milestones: Well, when I looked at the picture Billy took for me this week, I thought I looked huge-ish, which is a milestone I'm pretty happy about (so, maybe I shouldn't use the word huge, but I don't know what other word to use)...

Best moment this week: I got to run up to the birthing center and hear the baby's heartbeat again last Monday, and that will never fail to make me feel incredibly blessed.

Moments with Billy: Sunday, I got sick and had to miss church (yes, even into the second trimester...).  Right after Billy finished leading worship he came home to sit with me until he had to go back.  Just his presence and touch made me want to cry.  Though it doesn't take much to push me to tears these days, I was super grateful.

Friday, August 12, 2011


Has it really been two whole weeks since I've last blogged?  I can't believe it!  I have been pretty forgetful and a little out of it lately, and time has just flown by.  I have missed blogging, but I think because I was so sick and exhausted, I was nervous that every post was going to sound like a venting session.

Did you get that?  "Was" sick!  I am not one hundred percent yet, but I'm getting closer!  I'm still completely tired all of the time, but that is so doable in comparison to around-the-clock nausea!  Now, it just comes over me once or twice a day, so I'm assuming that within the week, things will be even better!

On Monday, I will be 13 weeks pregnant, and you can expect an update!  I saw a friend yesterday, and he said, "Oh, it looks like you're showing some!" ...So, I guess I'm showing a bit more!  I think I'm excited about that, but it's something different to wrap your mind around! 

Speaking of pregnancy and such, I have a question, and I want your opinion.  At the Birthing Center we are going to, they only offer one ultrasound at 20 weeks.  However, here in town we have a place that does 3D ultrasounds, and they say that they can determine the gender at 16 weeks.  The 20 week one is covered by our insurance, and the 16 week one is not.  I am going back and forth about what we should do!!  I so desperately want to see our little one, but I don't want to be too impatient!  Have any of you run into anything like this?  Is it worth the money to find out a whole month earlier?!