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Thursday, September 10, 2009

One Month + One Week...

It's been a little while since I've really updated everything that's been happening, and I think it's because I've been so busy!

Well, today, the countdown on my dashboard (of my macbook) told me that I have one month and one week until our wedding!  I just can't believe it!  It is really coming so fast, and most of the time I feel like it.  We have been doing so much to prepare, but I'll get to that later.

School started, and I love it!  It's been somewhat stressful, but also it's been really fun!  Already, I feel like I've learned a lot, and I love my English classes.  Plus, it really has helped me to fill my time up... so much so, that I can get overwhelmed with this schedule I am keeping.  But I know it's worth it.

And, talking about a busy schedule, Billy and I have had a hard time getting away.  I mean, we do see each other all of the time, but our one-on-one time has been cut down pretty drastically.  Still, we try to make time to have fun.  Last Sunday, we had a picnic on the beach, and then we went to Marble Slab (my FAVORITE)!  It was so fun, and a good reminder of how much we love each other:Beach Picnic

Anyway, about the wedding...  We have been making such great progress!  Things are falling into place, girls are getting their dresses ready, guys are getting their tuxes measured... really, it's coming together!  Next week, we are going to meet with Phillip, Anita, and the Fergusons (all who are so graciously helping at our reception... thanks again) to go hang out and look at the Embassy Suites (where the reception is) so that we can finalize some of our plans with that.  My bridal portraits are coming soon, as well... Gosh, I can't wait.

Oh!  We have had so many weddings, that I just wanted to comment on those as well!  They were all so beautiful and unique!  I was amazed at how quickly they passed, and I'm just so glad that everyone is married now (except us, of course, and Paul & Amy).  I'm pretty sure I cried at every one!

Ok, so that's it for now... hopefully I'll get one or two more updates in before the big day!  Then I really will be Sarah Ann Rogers.... yay!