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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

CTWT: Join In!

Today, it's your turn. Today's way to change the world is to link up and tell us your own ideas.
If you've already posted for today, please plan on tomorrow if you still want to participate. I'll keep the link open until tomorrow night for you!

For motivation, I'll be giving away a free blog header or $20 off a package deal - and I'll be picking from the entries this week.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Spastic, Fidgety... and Boring

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

1. Real friends stay over until three o'clock in the morning and you don't even tire of them.  Billy and I had some of our favorite people over on Friday night, and we couldn't believe how late it got and we didn't even mind!  Thank God for really good, lovely friends.

2. I'm really fidgety.  I always like to be doing something with my hands (yes, like a five year old).  I hope it doesn't drive other people crazy.  I think sometimes it might make my husband think I'm a little weird, but he loves me.

3. I have a spastic style.  I show up to work one day in a skirt, blouse, heels, fixed hair, and makeup.  The next day, please don't expect this of me - I very well might not deliver.  I am likely to walk in wearing jean capris, gladiator sandals, and the first un-wrinkled shirt I could find.  And I'm lucky that day if I remember mascara.  

4. Painting my nails makes me feel weird.  I always see people with awesome colors on their pretty fingers, but I guess I just can't get used to it.  I will paint them for one day and then take it off.  I don't know how to not chip the paint - my hands are too busy (see number 2...).
If I could keep one color on them, I'd probably go with a something flesh-toned.  See how boring I am?
Maybe one day I'll get this bold:
Or... Maybe not.

5. Tomorrow I may make Change the World Tuesday available to you all... I just haven't fully made up my mind.  I need your feedback, please?!?

Saturday, July 24, 2010


Bon Blog Designs has a new look!  Check it out here!
As a celebration, I'm giving 15 percent off of blog designs for the next two weeks for anyone who mentions this post in their first email of request!

Check out some of my recent designs:

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Halfway Certifable

Alright, so I am probably a little Obsessive Compulsive.  I have some pet peeves that, well, I probably should let go of.  The problem is, I just can't!  There is a reason that they're called pet peeves...

For example, I hate when people text with bad grammar.  I know, I should get over it, right?  I mean, it saves space if you say "lol" instead of "laugh out loud" - but really, are you going to say that anyway?  I think that my English degree is ruining me.

Save the Animals commercials also kill me.  But I don't hate the animals!  In fact, I loved my childhood pets.  However, what about the starving children?  Not that animals aren't awesome... I would just make sure my own children were fed before my dogs.  I think we should keep that same mindset with the world.  (Alright, I'll get off of my soapbox...)

I also fold my trash.  I don't like when our trash is all crumpled.  Folded trash takes up less space.  It's ok if you think I'm crazy.  I am just a little bit.

I looked up symptoms for OCD and I definitely qualify for some of them... But I think most people would!  Some of you must identify with at least one of these symptoms:
  • Doubts that you've locked the door or turned off the stove.
  • Counting in certain patterns.
  • Making sure all your canned goods face the same way.
  • Repeatedly checking in on loved ones to make sure they’re safe.
  • Spending a lot of time washing or cleaning.
  • Unfounded fears that 1 failed to complete a routine task correctly, such as filling out a form, paying a bill, posting a letter.
  • Excessive List- Making. (This one points the finger at me immediately!)
Am I the only one?  Are we all just a little certifiably weird?
Please tell me you have some weird pet peeves and oddities, too...

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Photo Tutorial

I promised you a tutorial on Monday on how to get the photos you post to have this border and shadow (not visible in Internet Explorer, but definitely in Chrome, Safari, and Firefox):
(Don't hate me because I'm beautiful...)

Anyway, this is so easy that I felt I had to share!  I was editing each of my photos to have a shadow before I uploaded, but it is so much easier now!

Step 1:
Go to the "Design" tab in blogger:

Click on "Edit HTML"

Step 2:
Scroll down under "Edit Template" and find ".post img" (most browsers allow you to press Ctrl + F or Command + F to find the specific wording).

Step 3:
Enter this text between the { and } after ".post img":

-webkit-box-shadow: rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.199219) 0px 0px 20px;
background: white;
border: 1px solid #CCC;
border-bottom-left-radius: 5px;
border-bottom-right-radius: 5px;
border-top-left-radius: 5px;
border-top-right-radius: 5px;
padding: 8px;


Step 4:
Click "Save Template" and you're finished!


  • To change the sharpness/dullness of the corners, edit the numbers under: "border-bottom-left-radius," "border-bottom-right-radius," "border-top-left-radius," and ""border-top-right-radius."  Right now, the radius is at 5px, but if you make it 10px, the corners will be more rounded, and that continues as the number grows.
  • To change the white space between your image and the border/shadow, change the number under "padding."
  • To change the shadow size, change the number after "-webkit-box-shadow"that is currently "20px"


  • Do not change, delete, or move any of the colons or semicolons!
  • Do not seperate numbers from the "px" with a space!

If you have questions, leave them in your comment and I will email you back!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

CTWT: Operation Beautiful

This week's feature:

I usually try to pick organizations that truly change the whole world in drastic ways - feeding the hungry, breaking free those in bondage, giving hope to the hopeless... Sometimes I ignore organizations that don't give some sort of physical help.
However, I found Operation Beautiful and I was so impressed.  I thought, these girls really could participate in this!  This is just a lifestyle that we can adopt that really could change the world we live and work and walk in every day.

The main idea:  To end "negative self-talk".  To make people happier.  To use our little effort to make a potentially huge difference in someone's day.

The founder of Operation Beautiful says:
I began Operation Beautiful by leaving positive messages on the mirrors of public restrooms — at work, at the gym, at the grocery store. I scribble down whatever comes to mind — "You are beautiful!" or "You are amazing just the way you are!" My personal goal is to leave as many Operation Beautiful notes as I can. Maybe some people read them and just smile, but I bet some people are truly touched by the effort of a random stranger.
Now, people all over the world are participating.  Not only is posting a note with a positive message SO easy, it feels really good.
To do your own note for Operation Beautiful, email seebriderun@gmail.com with a picture of your efforts!  Maybe you can end up on her blog!

PS - Can you believe that this started with a blog?  What could you do with your own blog?  How can you change the world from your computer?

PPS - Thanks for your responses on the poll yesterday.  I look forward to hopefully letting you all join in next week.  If you haven't answered the poll, please do so here!

Monday, July 19, 2010


Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters
1. I'm doing a poll that I need your help with!  I might implement the meme tomorrow, maybe next week, and maybe not at all...  (IF you have Internet Explorer, you may not see the poll, which is asking about making Change the World Tuesdays into a Meme... You can let me know what you think in your comment.  Also, you should probably get Chrome or Firefox, since there are many things on Blogger that you might have issues with!)

2. Our weekend getaway was lovely!  I learned that saying "The ATL" is perfectly acceptable, but the phrase "Hotlanta" is definitely out.

The Braves lost, but there were fireworks after the game, and they were phenomenal!

Right before we saw the Swan House...

Can you see that I'm excited?!?  I almost got emotional...
Ok, so maybe I did shed one tear.  But mostly, I felt this stoked.

This is actually the back of the house!

This is the front.  And it's gorgeous!

Can you tell I'm more excited than he is?

On our way home, we drove by Aiken, where I grew up.  There are these gorgeous gardens there that I wanted to see.  They were as amazing as I remembered.

3. Do you like the border and shadow to my pictures?  Can you believe that it is in my html stylesheet, and I don't have to do anything but upload?  If you want to know how to do so, check in on Wednesday for a tutorial.  If you already have this on your blog, you could email/comment with your link so I can include your blog as an example!

4. I didn't bring any fiction books/novels on this trip because I wanted to devote my attention to my husband.  However, he even admits I'm much nicer when I'm reading consistently (of course, this applies with the Bible, but it also means just reading...period).  When I was little, I used to read the back of soap bottles in the shower, just to have something to read.  I used to try to dream up a way to read books in the shower. Still haven't figured that out... Needless to say, when we got back in town last night, I snatched up a new book.

5. You know how I said we are getting ready to move?  Well, this commercial makes me laugh until I cry because it reminds me of us when we first moved into the apartment... And, well, I'm expecting a repeat with the townhome.  Sorry, in advanced, parents, for all of our calls.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Tomorrow, Tomorrow!

I am going on a mini-vacation!  It is much needed and I just can't wait!  We are leaving tomorrow morning after I have coffee with a wonderful girl while the mister gets some last-minute work done for the week.

Destination: Atlanta, GA  (I just don't feel cool enough to say "ATL" even though I kind of wanted to put that and let you guys believe I was hip.)

Agenda: (1) Braves game!

I would say that I was going to the game to make Billy happy, but I'm actually really excited.  I don't necessarily just love baseball, but I totally love sporting events.
I mostly just want to wave my arm in tomahawk fashion.  I come from a long line of Braves fans.  I'm terrible at following the game, but I'm a great fan.  Plus, red's my color.

(2) Swan House! (I have wanted to see it since I read Elizabeth Musser's book called, well, The Swan House...)
(My favorite book ever...)

The actual house!  I feel like I'm going to feel a part of me come alive when I go! 
 I don't know if the hubs is as excited as I am, but he's been really nice about it.

(3) The Cheesecake Factory!  For those of you who live close to one, I am so jealous.  For those of you who have never been to one, you should be jealous of me.  They not only have great food, but they have so many types of cheesecake.  I mean, how can you not like it?  Is it bad to get two pieces...?

Playlist for the drive:  You say playing John Mayer is cheesy just because he's from Atlanta?  Well, I give you permission to think I'm the queen of cheese as I play "Why, Georgia, Why?" on repeat as I slowly drive my husband insane.  Hey, it was either Mayer or Justin Beiber, and I just haven't gotten his "fever" yet.  
Maybe we'll slip in "Midnight Train to Georgia" because I love when the background singers affirm the main singer.  She says "Leavin on a midnight train," and they sing, "I know you will!"  I mean, how much more encouraging can background singers be?  (I know, I know, I'm the queen of cheesiness...)

Anyway, I will bring you real pictures of all of these places soon.  And if I see John Mayer, I'll be sure to let you know.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

CTWT: Free Rice

This week's feature is:
(suggested by Ann)

FreeRice.com is one of the easiest ways that you can make a difference.  When I say easy, I mean cake, pie, easy peasy.  
All you do is go to the website and answer questions.  You can do the basic questions that automatically come up or you can choose from any subject from Art, Language, Chemistry, Math, or English.  The questions are quick and simple, but you definitely learn something through the process.  Whether you spend one minute or fifteen on the site, you are making a difference, because every question you answer donates 10 grains of rice to end world hunger. 

FreeRice is only one of many ways you can help world hunger through this organization.  Join the "billion" (see video) to help make a difference.  Answering questions on FreeRice.com doesn't take any sacrifice but a couple of minutes.  All of us could find three minutes out of the 1440 in our day.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Not-So-Miscellany Monday

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters
Disclaimer: My miscellany may not be so random this week!
1. Billy and I are in the process of moving from our apartment to a townhome!  We will actually make the move in a couple of weeks, but we can't wait!  I'll give you pictures soon!

2. I really want to make an upholstered headboard.  When I googled it (I can't believe I'm using "google" as a verb), this came up too:
I'm thinking I'm in love with this door-as-headboard idea!  What other makeshift-headboards do you guys have?!

3. This weekend, we went to the lake with our friends Melissa and Chad.  It was a blast! We tubed and the boys wakeboarded.  One of my favorite parts was eating watermelon in the water.  I've never eaten one in such a messy fashion.  It was so nice that it didn't matter how much juice dribbled down our chins!

The boys had a blast, of course...

We got to hang out with the cuter ones of our family:
Anna Kate & Katie

Adam (Billy is behind the float pushing him - you just can't see!)

4. I got totally sunburned again.  The most frustrating thing is that I reapplied SPF 30 3 times!  I'm on a certain pill that can make you more susceptible to sunburn, and I think that is my issue.  Once I realized how fried I was, I covered up every piece of skin possible:

5. One of the neatest thing about our day on the lake was when dusk hit.  On one island in the lake, all of these birds migrate there every evening.  Tons of boats pull up to watch because it is just so amazing!
Crazy, right?!?

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Seedy Faith

I have been spending a lot of my time planning lately.  Planning and worrying.  Worrying about future, about money, about life.  Even though Francis Chan reminds me that when I worry, I'm sinning because I'm not trusting, I still do it.  It's my best companion.  It always comes back when I call it and it only affects my heart, so I feel like I can keep it around.
I think God agrees with Mr. Chan, however.
I have been getting small reminders all day (and it's only 9:30!) that God wants me to rest in him.  This morning I read about faith over and over.  I read about the faith of a mustard seed and,
"Your faith has healed you."
God was speaking right to me.
My faith doesn't always heal my situations.  Only God heals those.  What my faith heals is me... When I put my trust fully in God, I have peace, even when there are still things to worry about.  When I give up my worry for faith, God does a work inside of me.

Much worry + Mustard seed faith = My healed heart.

Today, I don't know what will happen.  I don't know if things will turn out like I've planned and hoped.  But I know that my God is big.  I will have faith even when I don't understand.  I will choose to remember the times that he has pulled through (which, incidentally, is every time).

I think I can handle a mustard seed. It's easier than trying to take control. I never really had control in the first place, anyway.
When peace, like a river, attendeth my way,

When sorrows like sea billows roll;

Whatever my lot,

Thou has taught me to say,

It is well, it is well, with my soul.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: Passed Out

When I was getting my bridal portraits done,
I almost passed out.
I don't know if it's because it was hot or because my knees were buckled or because I forgot to eat lunch.  It's very likely that my dress was just a little tight around my rib-cage.
I can't even imagine trying to fit into it now.  I'd probably swoon out as soon as it was zipped up.

I started to sway and pale and they ran me over to these steps.  My mom and grandma cooled me down while my dad ran to the CVS and got me water and a Peppermint Pattie (which you can see in my grandma's hand - she fed it to me because they were terrified of getting chocolate on my dress... evidently I'm a messy eater?!).

I'm just glad we got pictures of it.
It's almost my favorite one from that whole day.

I am glad, however, that I changed those brown shoes for the rest of the shoot.  
When they peeked out, it reminded us to change into my hot pink ones:

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Birthday & Independence & A Rebel

This week I'm foregoing Change the World Tuesday to recap my lovely birthday/4th of July weekend!
Last Thursday, I told you that my man had something secret up his sleeve, and he definitely delivered the best birthday ever!  Besides all of the little lovely things that he did (sweet cards, roses, lunch), he got my whole family to pitch in and help him buy me this:

Isn't he the best?!!
I've wanted one for a long time, but didn't think that I could get it for quite awhile.

You can thank him for all of the pictures in this update...
Billy and my sweet cousin, Anna Kate (her mom just started blogging here).  This was one of the first pictures I took on Friday night.
She kept doing that with her face.  It was quite flattering.

On Saturday, we went back out to our block.  If you haven't read about it before, we go to a specific block in our city and hang out with them once a month.  
We try to meet their needs and be their friends.  I think that's what Jesus would want.
Watermelon was a big hit.

He climbed in the back of our car and asked me if he could come home with us.  I came so close to saying yes.

This little girl kept painting faces.  One of our girls asked her what she was painting and she said, 
"I don't know.  I'll tell you when I'm done.  I'm going to make you all Rock Stars!"

I'm so proud of him for heading up this part of our ministry.  
I love that I married a man with such a big heart.

On the fourth, we went swimming during the day.  That evening, we ate homemade ice cream:
It's not my favorite, but I douse it it toppings to make it quite yummy.  The rest of the crowd loved it.

We got to hang out with this precious face. I kept telling her to show me more teeth. Great job, honey.

Last night, Billy arranged for a couple of our friends to go out with us for coffee and dessert at my favorite place to celebrate my birthday.  It was so much fun!
My friend Melissa and her brother, Jordan (on the left), and husband, Chad (on the right).

One of my best, longest friends, Jessie (whose birthday was Saturday) and my super-cute, not-so-little brother.

My friend Hannah and her husband came even though they drove home from DC that day.  
I was so thankful!

I have the best husband in the world.  This weekend was just amazing.
Be prepared for many more picture-filled posts!