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Monday, July 12, 2010

Not-So-Miscellany Monday

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters
Disclaimer: My miscellany may not be so random this week!
1. Billy and I are in the process of moving from our apartment to a townhome!  We will actually make the move in a couple of weeks, but we can't wait!  I'll give you pictures soon!

2. I really want to make an upholstered headboard.  When I googled it (I can't believe I'm using "google" as a verb), this came up too:
I'm thinking I'm in love with this door-as-headboard idea!  What other makeshift-headboards do you guys have?!

3. This weekend, we went to the lake with our friends Melissa and Chad.  It was a blast! We tubed and the boys wakeboarded.  One of my favorite parts was eating watermelon in the water.  I've never eaten one in such a messy fashion.  It was so nice that it didn't matter how much juice dribbled down our chins!

The boys had a blast, of course...

We got to hang out with the cuter ones of our family:
Anna Kate & Katie

Adam (Billy is behind the float pushing him - you just can't see!)

4. I got totally sunburned again.  The most frustrating thing is that I reapplied SPF 30 3 times!  I'm on a certain pill that can make you more susceptible to sunburn, and I think that is my issue.  Once I realized how fried I was, I covered up every piece of skin possible:

5. One of the neatest thing about our day on the lake was when dusk hit.  On one island in the lake, all of these birds migrate there every evening.  Tons of boats pull up to watch because it is just so amazing!
Crazy, right?!?


  1. That last picture is beautiful. I was at the lake this weekend. I finally got up on the wakeboard. I was so stoked. Might post a video later this week. I didn't have messy watermelon though. That would have been a great idea. next time!

  2. WOW Sarah!! All those pics are so full of fun and energy.....

  3. I've also seen people paint a headboard and that turned out really cool...but I love the door/headboard thing too! The pictures are great-looks like you had so much fun...that little girl is sooo cute!

  4. Sounds like a FUN weekend!! Love me some watermelon :) Good luck with the move!

  5. Wow. That is alot of birds! :O

    I love trips out like that! :) Gosh I wish I hadn't needed jaw surgery so I could be on a boat tubing now! haha.


  6. I have been dying to make an upholstered headboard! But we do have a few doors lying around the place....

  7. aw so fun!! i'm so glad that yall got to enjoy time at the lake... it looks like so much fun!

    such a great idea... a makeshift headboard..i'm going to have to talk to my husband about this one.

    ohh man... moving from an apartment to a townhome. we just moved out of a townhome (We loved it!) but ah moving in and out is soo hard because of the stairs.

    have a great monday!!!

  8. What great pictures! I know you're loving your new camera :) I really thought about doing a headboard made from an old door but we never did :( If you do, you'll have to be sure to show us!

  9. what an awesome trip to the lake!!! I love the photos!

    I've seen large shutters used as a head board and it's pretty cute! :P

  10. lake trips are always awesome! and that last picture is crazy! its so awesome to see something like that!

  11. those pictures are awesome!! :) Sounds like a great weekend!

  12. Thanks for dropping by today. I am following you now. Your blog is too adorable as are you and your hubby! How do you round the corners of your photos? Oh and I cannot believe how much your friend Katie (I think) resembles Lauren Conrad. I had to do a double take...

    Funny how both our posts weren't so random today, huh?!

    Have a great week!

  13. These pics are sooo goood! I love the one of you all sunburnt that I took... even though it makes me sad you were in pain. Hope it is all better now! I am about to see you in 30 min so I guess we'll see! :) Thanks again for a great weekend!!!!

  14. Love the pics of you and yours at the lake. I'm so jealous of you all in the middle of summer. I am huddled up next to the fire down here at the bottom of the world, contemplating the wisdom of going out to dig in the garden ...

  15. I think you're right! That's the best way to eat watermelon!

  16. When I was out on the bay a couple of weeks ago, I applied spf 30 so many times too and still got burned!! So frustrating. I hope you start feeling better soon :)

    The last picture of the birds is so neat!

    Love the headboard you found. Great and creative idea!

  17. love your pictures! those kiddos are super cute! what a fun time. You are so right about watermelon in the water being fabulous...you can let the juice roll and it doesn't matter at all! congrats on the townhouse! what fun!

    hope your monday was blessed!

  18. what fun it looks like yall had on the lake! Your niece and nephew are too cute, and Katie is absolutely gorgeous! I hope your sunburn gets better & it was fun seeing you today, you would think we would see each other more often working a couple of buildings over! Have a great week!

  19. How fun!!! That pic of you guys eating watermelon in the water is awesome. Congrats on your move - hope it is an easy move :) And, that bird pic is wild!!! Too cool!!!

  20. How fun - watermelon in the water - sounds awesome! (-:


  21. how fun! I love lake trips!!

  22. I've been thinking of making a headboard out of an old door for-EVA!!!!

  23. what a fun lake visit!!! such precious pics!


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