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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The List of New

I'm experiencing a lovely amount of new things right now.  It's a breath of fresh air, and I'm thanking Jesus for this sweet time to just rest in Him.

Some new [or old-made-new] in my life:

1.  The Non-Blog-Design Existence 
I'm finishing up the last couple of blogs I had promised to finish and I have refunded everyone I couldn't promise designs for.  I am such a people pleaser, and I hate to disappoint anyone, even those of you I've only met/done business with in cyber-space.  However, getting used to not designing every waking moment or feeling guilty every time I do something besides fill orders has been not too hard.  I thank God and my husband for nudging me toward this.

2.  Books! 
When Billy and I first got married, we didn't have room to house all of my books, so we had to leave about half of them at my parents' house.  Well, last week, I got all of my babies back!  I literally feel like a mother hen who can now breathe normally because all of her children are back under one roof.  Please, please laugh at my nerdy expense.  I don't care, and I will show you by hiding my nose in re-reading one of my old books!
Please note that these pictures are taken before I alphabetized the books by author and loaded them onto a six-foot high shelf.

3.  HUGE Zucchini 
I'm not kidding.  A guy from Billy's work just thinks my husband is super awesome (which he is!) and is always bringing us yummy food-stuff.  First, he filled our freezer with deer-meat, which I have had fun experimenting with.  Then, today, he brought some of his veggies from his own garden for us!  I was really excited when Billy called because there is nothing I love more than organic food, especially if it's locally/home grown!
Billy said to me over the phone: "These zucchinis are very large!"  He lied.  They are not large.  They are bigger than my HEAD!
I am at a loss.  What to do?  How do you utilize such a humongous veggie!?
I'm looking forward to figuring this out.  Also, I will be very upset if any of you has ever cooked a vegetable this large and does not give me hints.  Very, very upset.

Thank you for the support with closing the blog designing.  I look forward to actually enjoying blogging again.  Also, I hope you enjoy the new design.  I'm pretty stoked about it.

Monday, May 16, 2011


I haven't blogged for over TWO WEEKS.  I have been busy, but mostly I just have been recovering from the emotions that I put into my last blog post.  I know that it may not seem super emotional, but it was a bit taxing to write.

I've had lots of time to think and pray lately, and I have felt an overwhelming need to close the blog design shop.  I love blog designing, but our life right now does not have much room for it.  Just because it is something I can do does not mean it is something I should do.  That said, by next Monday (hopefully), you will see a new design to this blog, taking away any mention of blog design.  If you are one of the clients whose design I had to cancel, I thank you for your incredibly gracious responses.  

Anyway, I'm back!  With a fresh heart and an impending new look, I'm excited to share more with you all!  I'm so blessed by you and thank you for your sweet friendship!