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Monday, April 27, 2009

Time is Moving so Fast... and Slow...

It seems like it has been forever since I have sat down to write a blog.  Even now, I feel like my words are all mixed up.  I want to say "since I have satten down" and my English mind reprimands itself for being so tired.  I have had so much going on lately, and so many exciting things happening that I feel like I have had no time to write.  I will try to update on life while waiting on Billy to call (it's so late!) and hopefully I'll fit in quite a bit.

Of course there is wedding stuff.  Today, Mom and I met with Alyona, who is doing the photography.  She is amazing and definitely who I wanted to take the pictures, so we are pretty excited about that.  Looking at my planner, wedding-related events pretty much take up my free time.  Even though school ends soon, weddings pick up, and the focus will just shift, not diminish.  Speaking of weddings, I know a couple of very awesome people who have gotten engaged (I know... more?!?) and I am so excited for them.  It is so funny how you'd think that my being engaged would make me frustrated that all of these other people are as well, but it only heightens my excitement.  I feel so blessed to have found "The One" and I love when others do too!  First, on Saturday, there was Amy T. and Paul G. who will probably get married in November.  She kept crying and it was absolutely adorable.  Their story involves cheering boyscouts, which I think they will remember forever.  Also, there is a couple that I don't know extremely well, but I have talked with her a little, and Billy just LOVES them, and they got engaged tonight, which is so awesome!  Josh D., who is going to be in our wedding, proposed to Saralynn F., and I cannot wait to meet them and hear their story.  Billy told me that it was supposed to be close to a lake (because it's in LAKEland, FL), but I don't really know any details.  I just hope to meet them sometime this summer!

Besides weddings, I have been focusing on school.  I have even taken off of work to study, which is very unlike me.  I'm almost tempted to do it again this week, but I don't know if I can handle losing that many hours.  Anyway, needless to say, I am ready for this semester to be over.  I will admit, though, that I have learned so much in at least one of my classes.  I have loved having Prof. Yarbrough.  He is also my advisor, and he is so smart.  That is such a general adjective, but it's really how I feel.  When I walk out of his class, I can't believe that it is already over, and I feel like I will never reach that level of intelligence.  When he reads things, he just gets symbolism and emotion out of them that I never ever saw.  He has actually inspired me to be reading more.  I know, I know, I read all of the time, but I have been heavily convicted about what I read.  Although it's great to read entertaining stories, I should be focusing some on literary pieces that make me think.  And that is my mission for the summer:  to read at least four, hopefully more, books of true literary merit.  I have started today with my purcase of So Big by Edna Ferber, which won a Pulitzer Prize in the 1920's.  I think it looks interesting and so far I am pretty enthralled by it.  I actually can't believe I put it down for this... but I knew it had just been so long.  The poetic wording is amazing!  I am so sad that nobody ever inspired me before this to read works of this calibur.  For example, in describing a mother and child:
"As the woman looked at the child there in the warm moist spring of the Illinois prairie land... there quivered and vibrated between them and all about them an aura, a glow, that imparted to them and their surroundings a mystery, a beauty, a radience."

How can you not be totally sucked into a story with that in its opening chapter?  I should read that to my Music Appreciation professor (who thinks he knows everything, and has snobbily critiqued my 5-page paper for him on analyzing MOVEMENTS of a peice - as if I, an English major, know anything about Musical analysis) and say, "See?!? The extra words and adjectives and descriptions really are necessary."  Not that I am bitter or anything...

Alright, I know that was long.  Last thing:  my new MacBook.  I have had to buy a new one because I somehow damaged my old one beyond repair (or practically paying to buy a new one) and so I have one that is almost exactly like the old.  I love Mac and Apple, and I would never go back now, so I had to do something.  Not to mention, it is exam week, and I desperately need to be able to study on this thing.

Ok!  Done!!  I'm off to read, and I'm still waiting on that gorgeous fiance of mine to give me a call!

PS - I have once again realized that I have the best parents in the world.

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