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Friday, February 27, 2009

Wedding - Just getting started!

I never knew how much planning went into a wedding.  I'm still not sure that I really know yet how involved it's going to be, but I'm so excited!

So far, I have bought my dress, and picked out a bridesmaids dress.  I also have concluded that I want sparklers when we leave the reception.  I have picked a cake, and found a cake-lady!  Today, we are going to the Redbank Club to look at a reception place.  I'll post pictures later and tell what I think about it.  We are probably going to have the ceremony at the Extension at Northwood Church.  I can't begin to express how weird it is not to have the old church building... It's just where I always wanted to get married, but now I can't.  I have considered other churches and places, but for emotional and for my family and church's sake, I'm going to get married as close to home as possible.  Many would say that it's not that pretty, but I think that it can be, and if we do it there, I'll get a lot more help decorating from the women in the church.  Plus, I just don't want to think of getting married not at Northwood.  At the end of it all, I'll be married, and I'm sure it will be worth it.

I feel like I have accomplished so much more than this... but I guess not!  I'll keep it updated, as I'm sure there is just so much more to do!


  1. Sarah! I just think that it is so sweet that you are going to get married at Northwood! I KNOW that the Extension will be so gorgeously decorated for you!!!! I am so excited for you and Billy, and don't get overwhelmed so much with all the wedding planning and enjoy it to the fullest!!! (It's so fun and I already miss it!) Good Luck girlie!

  2. Britt Hoisington2/27/09, 5:47 AM

    Just remember it's YOUR wedding (well and Billy's too lol) so whatever you want to happen, however you want it to look, and wherever you want it to be-go for it. No matter what you do there's people who are going to have something to say but it's not their day, it's yours and Billy's! I'm sure it will be wonderful. Good luck!

  3. that IS a lot! the big major decisions like dresses and places are the ones that take the longest to make, but once you do, you're doing well!! :)

  4. Billy Rogers2/28/09, 11:49 AM

    Heck yeah it'll be worth it baby!!!
    You're amazing! ;)

  5. sarah and billy I am so excited for you guys! I've upload just a few of the pictures we took on here: http://theebeloved.wordpress.com/
    the size and quality are not as good as the actual picture files but this will give you a good idea of what they will look like. hopefully I'll be able to get you a guys a CD with all the pictures on them soon. hope you like them! let me know what you think!


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