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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Working On It

So this week at small group, we challenged each of the girls to take one verse and commit it to life this week.  In other words, we are working on taking what God tells us to do seriously.  My verse was Philippians 4:6... I actually think that most of the girls chose this one.  At the end of our time together, we always split up into groups of 2 or 3 with an assignment... and this week's assignment was to choose your verse and try to hold each other to it throughout the week.  I went with Amy Thames, and we both chose this verse... We talked about how God commands us not to worry or even be anxious, but to take everything to Him, and we talked about how when we do worry, we are sinning against Him.  Well, I have not done a perfect job, and it's only Thursday.  I actually have a few more days to go.

Today, my mission is to commit it all to prayer.  There are so many things going on right now that I could worry about.  It's funny how getting engaged should make me float on a cloud, and, as I am excited, it has added extra "worry."  I have worried about people that have said that we are too young, because I want everyone to like us and be happy for us, even though I know we have prayed and sought God and our parents, and everyone is in accord.  I have worried about how much this wedding will cost, because I know that money is tight for everyone right now.  I have worried about bridesmaids' skirts, whether they should be long or short, full or a-line.  I have worried about mid-terms, because I don't really care about school at this moment.

But when I take a deep breath, remember who God is, and just ask Him to take care of me and give me peace, I can relax.  He is in control, He has put Billy and me together, whether we are young, or in school, or not as wealthy as we'd like to be (we never will be.. we want to be in ministry... and that never produces very much money.  But we're looking in a different place for our fulfillment and provision)... and He will lead us where He wants.  We are following Him, and I should have no shame in that.  And as far as school, God has got that in His hands, too.  If I don't make a perfect score on everything, I need to rely on the fact that He is here, and He was with me as I studied, and all I can do is my best and trust Him to help me keep this scholarship.  He will provide, He is sovereign, and I can put all of my hope in His plan.  When I hide under His wings, the weight of the world is gone, the silly gossip and judgements do not touch me, and His assurance pushes me on to do what He's calling me to.

With Him, I think I'm going to make it.. If I can just remember to keep giving it back to Him, and remember just how out of control I am and how in control He is!

Oh! And I'm doing tons of wedding planning... I'll update on it soon, show pictures and ideas and everything.  I want opinions! And comments! :

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  1. It sounds like you are doing an awesome job trying to keep things in perspective! :) I love that verse!
    And no matter who you are or what circumstances you may be in, people talk. You know that you are in the center of God's will and incredibly happy with Billy, so don't let any outside forces (people or worries or whatever) get to you. God is going to keep blessing you and yalls relationship!! Yall are awesome!


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