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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

'Tis the Season

"Love and marriage, Love and marriage... They go together like a horse and carriage..." -Frank Sinatra

That's right!  It's wedding season; just what everyone in my circle of life has been waiting for.  In just a few days, two wonderful people, Robbie and Chelsie, will be tying the knot!  And three weeks later, Baillie and Mike will follow!  I feel like I'm in a happy hurricane of ribbons, shoes, flowers, and showers!  Things have come so quickly, and I cannot wait for this Saturday to watch the first wedding come.  It will be beautiful, and not to give much away, but there will be blues and browns and a beautiful, curly haired bride (with her curly haired groom)!  I think I will cry, as I am in an emotional whirlwind right now.  And then, Baillie's wedding will be totally different, but just as beautiful!  It's going to be so fun to see, and I'm suspecting more zebra stripes than any of us have ever seen!

It's amazing that so many people have found such amazing love.  I read love stories all of the time, but I can assure you that it is so much more amazing to see and hear and feel them in real life!  So, congrats, Robbie, Chelsie, Mike, and Baillie, and I cannot wait to be involved in, and cry at, and be so happy for both weddings!  All of the weddings are such a wonderful, happy way to pass the time until my own wedding, and only make me more excited!

Three cheers for love!