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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Wives of these Men

When I was younger, say, 14 or 15, I remember reading 1 Timothy 2 and writing it all down in my journal.  I read all about what God had required of an Elder and of a Deacon in the church, and I decided to make that my checklist of characteristics that I wanted to find in my husband.  I can honestly say that, although Billy isn't perfect, he definitely has the quality of character and the integrity that was required of these men.  I definitely am blessed to have such an amazing man to marry.

However, tonight, as I was re-reading the chapter, I noticed the one verse that talks about the wives of these men.  It has four qualities that it points out, so I take that those must be very important, considering they were the only ones mentioned.  Here is the verse (11):
Similarly, the wives must be of good character, not gossips, but temperate, faithful in everything.

I decided to look at all four things and dissect them a bit.

  1. They must be of good character:  This might seem pretty straightforward, but I think it's really important.  We require and ask for integrity from our men, but we must have integrity in the same measure!  I want people to trust and know me to be a godly woman and wife, just as much as i expect that kind of a husband from Billy.

  2. They must not be gossips:  This is such a struggle for women.  As a rule, we hold more words in our mouths, just waiting to come out, than men.  Also, we are often more detailed, perceptive, and analytical... not to mention emotional.  If we do not specifically watch our words and take special care not to gossip, it can come so easily.  In fact, it's our second nature to gossip... it doesn't make it right, but it does make it something to look out for.

  3. They must be temperate:  I don't know about all of the other women out there, but I would not say that "temperate" is a word I would use to describe how I naturally am.  I am emotional, extreme, up-and-down, and I can change my mind or my feelings in 5 seconds.  However, this verse tells me that no longer is there the excuse that, "It's just that time of the month," or, "I just don't feel like it," going to cut it anymore.  Nope!  We are being called to consistency, which I know, for me, can only come through God.  I'm a pretty inconsistent lady sometimes.

  4. They must be faithful in all things:  Faithful wives, faithful mothers, faithful followers, faithful Christians, faithful prayers, faithful friends, faithful forgivers... That's right, faithful in ALL things, even the hard stuff.  I know that sometimes, I just want to give up, but not only is it a command, but it's a fruit of the Spirit.  Faithfulness, something that comes out of God inside of us.

Now, I don't really mean to say that these things only apply to women, and I'm sure that Paul didn't mean that either.  It is only that these are things that we have to watch out for, especially.  And because I'm praying for Billy to be that kind of man, I want to be this kind of a wife!


  1. baby... =) i love you

  2. :) I like this alot! Thanks for sharing!

  3. I definitely agree with this. Before marriage and during marriage, it is important to be the kind of person your mate and God need you to be! :)

  4. Katie McCown9/5/09, 8:39 AM

    Right on girl!


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