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Monday, August 17, 2009


So, for the 8 total months that we will have been engaged, I have had some landmarks that I have looked forward to that have had to happen before we get married in October! So far, there have been quite a few that we've hit!  I just realized it yesterday and wanted to make a list so that I could really see it.

Landmarks that have already passed:

  1. School ending in May

  2. Our birthdays in May and July

  3. Chelsie's wedding in July

  4. Baillie's wedding in August

  5. 2 of my bridal showers

  6. Leasing the apartment

  7. Painting the apartment (very cute colors, may I add!)

Landmarks I'm still waiting on:

  1. Billy moving into the apartment officially

  2. School starting

  3. Cami's wedding

  4. Starting my job in the Writing Center at CSU

  5. My last bridal shower

  6. Billy's man-party (basically a hangout for the guys while they bring gift-cards for Billy)

  7. Fall small groups for Genesis

  8. Mid-terms

  9. Rehearsal Dinner/Bachelorette Party

I can't believe there are only 2 months left!  Honestly, what I'm looking forward to most is being married!  I'm sure the wedding will be wonderful, but I can't wait to be Billy's wife!