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Wednesday, April 27, 2011


As of late, I have had an uncontrollable desire to nest (and no, I'm not even pregnant--don't you think you would know if I were?).  And when I say nest, I mean:  
"Dear Husband, I feel as if I need to spend some more money on our little home.  What?  Oh, no, it's not anything we need.  Just, you know, cute stuff for our walls.  What?  Oh, yes, I like the stuff already on our walls, I just want different stuff."
Now, even I know that it is a little unreasonable.  Just because I feel like nesting does not mean that my house is undecorated...  I just want to change it all!  Obviously, that's not happening anytime soon, because last time I checked, our budget does not have an unlimited "Nesting" category.

In an effort to recognize this and, in a sense, "count my blessings," I planned to do a post with pictures of the little things in my house that I already love and where I've already nested.  You know, because I'm always doing posts about what others need and that really is how we try to live our lives--recognizing how blessed we are and how much we can give.

I found TWO WHOLE THINGS to take pictures of!  That's good, right?  I mean, we are incredibly blessed, but my house is kind of messy (in my opinion), and so there wasn't much to photograph for today.

However, to stay true to my efforts, here are two small things that I do like in my little abode:
 These are hanging over my kitchen sink (which I could not get a picture of due to the dirty dishes).  And yes, they're fake plants.  So many people want to touch them to check.  Sorry that you must resist that urge.

The nightstand in the guest bedroom.  It's nothing special, but I love Paris and hydrangeas.  So, just kidding, it is something special.

Hey, I never said that this was a decorating blog.  It clearly is not!  But "nesting" has been SO overwhelming my thought life lately, and I thought it might be something you guys think about, too!  If it is, how do you control the URGE?

Tomorrow, we're back to the new blog series on My Journey.  
To catch up on part 1, read yesterday's post.


  1. i share your desire to nest!! (and not being pregnant!) my main problem (other than my hubby thinking spending money on more furniture and decorations is stupid, regardless of the fact that i have a degree in interior design and furniture, homes and accessories are things i LOVE) is we live in a townhouse with orangey brown shag carpet (that doesn't match in the rooms), orange-cream-weird tile floor in the kitchen, can't put holes in walls...and there isn't much room for anything else. when we get a house or if we move to a TH we can decorate - then i'll bug him for more stuff!!!! also, i love your plants above the sink!

  2. I can relate to this! I recently went through a huge nesting fetish! haha. seriously, every store i went to i wanted to buy something to decorate my house.. My mom says she goes through times when she is in the decorating mood more than other times... Its so fun being a woman, and being able to decorate! I've learned that it can be inexpensive to decorate your house... it can be like a craft.. haha :)

  3. I am right there with you. I have had this desire all winter. I too lack the funds and also the time to spend on it. Also, I'm indecisive and not even sure how I want it to look in the end. But I keep feeling like I need to do something.

    Also - I loved your post yesterday and look forward to reading through your journey.

  4. I have been wanting to re-do some things in our house too! I just put a post up about it this week-ha!

    I think it is part of the Spring fever :)I plan on making a lot of art for our walls whether it be painting or ordering canvases of some of our photos. Also, thrift stores and Goodwill can be a great aid in finding little accessories which help make a room cozier!

  5. I have been feeling the same way!! I wonder if it's the season change? In a way it's kind of nice because our house still needs (should that be in quotes?) some finishing from moving in...but still. I love wandering into Home Goods stores, juuuust in case :) Love those plants!

  6. I love the lamp! It gave me the nesting fever. ;)

    I control the urge by a little thing called "fun money." My husband and I each get $10 to blow on whatever we like each week. Usually I spend all mine on hot chocolate in the afternoons from starbucks because it just helps me through the 8-5....but sometimes I save it up for fun stuff like this!

  7. Love your nightstand!! I'm always in the nesting mood. One way I have found to remedy this to give myself a little room for change, is to host a yard sale each year. That way I can make room for new things, hee hee. :)

  8. I go through bursts of this too! I just tell the DH to hang on for dear life and bear with me LOL!

  9. i am unmarried, definitely un pregnant, and have always nested. non stop nesting, in fact.

    so... there is no controlling my urge. sorry not to be of help. : )

  10. You are too cute :) Those two decorations are adorable, and I can attest to the fact that the rest of your house is just as cute!! I try rearranging whenever I am dying to "nest" and we don't have the money for it :) Good luck!!

  11. I do the same thing sometimes! I can't help it, I just get in that mode. Usually I end up walking the isles at Hobby Lobby at all their cute home wares!

  12. oh gosh, i made a post about this not too long ago so i know how you feel. ugh, money, money, money ... why can't you just be unlimited that way we can nest to our hearts desires?!

    i love your lamp!

  13. So I don't know if I get nesting urges seeing in how I still live with my momma. he he But I do look at interior decorating focused blogs and get urges and desires to transform my little living space. WHAT helps is the lack of time and convenience as well as the lack of cash flow. ha ha I really want to do so manyyyy things but I guess God will give me that privilege when He has me living on my own for once. till then it is mommas rules.

    Love ya girl!


  14. I live vicariously through DIY and decorating blogs! I never have the money to indulge. I love the plants over the kitchen sink. I love that they are fake. I would kill them if they were living. Your guestroom is beautiful!

  15. the nightstand decor is so cute! i love paris too- who doesn't right!? :)


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