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Wednesday, September 28, 2011


I have had the most bizarre pregnancy symptom.  I may now call it a symptom because I have googled it, and everyone knows that Google has the answer to everything.  Also, I asked my mom, and she's even smarter than Google.

Prepare yourself... it's really weird.  And frustrating.

For the past couple of months (I'm almost 20 weeks pregnant), I sometimes will start talking and out of nowhere, I start to get really hot.  And then I feel it... a blush starts to creep up my neck and into my face (and on my hands, and my feet... at least, that's how it feels).  I mean, in general, I blush every once in a while.  I'm pretty pale, and I just can't help it.
But this is not the cute, regular flush-cheeked bashfulness.  And it's definitely not what you would label the "pregnancy glow."  It's all-out-call-the-fire-department burning under my skin.  It reaches my scalp.

And it's a vicious, vicious cycle.  Usually, when I start blushing now, I'm not embarrassed at all.  It just starts happening.  But when whoever I'm talking to looks at me oddly, I start to get a little embarrassed.  I want to start wearing a sign that says:
I know I'm blushing.
I'm not embarrassed.  
I'm pregnant.  
It's the extra blood flow.  
I know because I googled it.

Maybe you'll tell me that this has nothing to do with pregnancy.  Well, me and a bunch of my new-found friends on random bulletin boards online (sounds secure, right?) are here to tell you that IT DOES!  And if it doesn't, at least we're all crazy together.  And that we can blame on pregnancy.


  1. How interesting! It's amazing what the body does in pregnancy!

  2. This made me giggle. You are too cute! You are a VERY cute pregnant lady I might add! :)

  3. You're cute! Oh the joys of pregnancy! Just a another reminder that you only have so much control over your body right now :)
    Also like your updated blog look - very nice, as always!!

  4. This happened to me too when I was pregnant! In fact, I'd get so hot and flushed that I nearly passed out several times. Like you, I Googled it and read about my increased blood flow; ha, that just grossed me out and made me feel more faint!

    Iris is 7 months old. It's crazy to look back and remember that those things happened to me. And what I mean by that is, it is SO uncomfortable right now but truly fleeting and definitely worth it! :)

  5. Sarah! You're not alone...this totally happens to me, too! My ears get really hot and red when it happens too. And you better believe I googled it! :D I thought it was so weird the first time, because I kept thinking, "I'm not nervous." Oh the pregnancy symptom list goes on and on and on...

  6. holy mackeral--that's something I had not heard of before...but mostly because I've never had a baby ;) I love reading about how everyone handles their own little fun "side effects" though so I can be more prepared when my day {hopefully} comes! hope you had a fabulous weekend...and I'm sure you're beautiful at any time of day! xoxo {av} | {long distance loving}

  7. I haven't heard of this before, either, but it does sound embarrassing! I'd want a sign, too. I guess this too shall pass? :P


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