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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

22 Week Update

How far along: 22 weeks

Baby size: About 11 inches from head to toe & over a full pound!

Sleep: Sleep was getting better.  I was almost getting through the night without getting up.  But the past week or so, I have found myself getting up again with an urgent need to use the restroom.  Last night I told Billy (who sadly awoke because of my getting out of bed) that I feel like Baby Liam is clapping his hands around my bladder.  Lovely, right?

Movement: This child moves ALL of the time.  My uterus is higher on my waist than it would normally be at this point because I'm so very short waisted.  The midwife said this along with, "This baby's going to have nowhere to go but out!"  This means that I'm feeling movement well up past my belly button and farther into my sides than I even thought possible.  Not that I'm complaining.  No matter how early or how late he is active, I'm loving it.

Food cravings/aversions: I craved chili the other night, so I made it.  And cheese... my goodness.  I want lots and lots of cheddar cheese. 

Pregnancy Symptoms: I get breathless when I try to read out loud.  My hips are pretty sore, and I think I can literally feel my bones spreading.  Oh, and I have this odd thing around my waist that keeps growing...

What I miss: The ability to be a bit more active.  We were moving things around in our house the other night (thanks to the nesting instinct of yours truly), and I couldn't do as much as I wanted.  And when I did try to do something, I found that I was off-center and off-balance.

What I'm looking forward to: Everything!  Though I am uncomfortable already, I am really enjoying this time of pregnancy.  I finally look pregnant, and I only get nauseated in the mornings or when I am starving.  I feel very blessed.

Milestones: I'm over halfway pregnant now!  That feels like a huge hurdle!

Best moment this week: Waking up to Liam moving.  This happens often, but it always makes me smile.

Moments with Billy: Yesterday was our 2 year anniversary, and Billy was incredible (as always).  We got to spend the entire day together, which was such a blessing.  He even wrote and recorded a song for me (swoon)!  I have the best husband in the whole world.  He is incredibly understanding about every pregnancy symptom, even the weird ones.  I can't wait to see him with our son!


  1. you look incredible! happy 22 weeks and happy 2 year anniversary!

    amazing husbands are a blessing! :)

  2. You look gorgeous! My hips are hurting more than ever now and I thought it was because I was sleeping on my side but I guess you're right, things are moving!

  3. You look beautiful!!
    I remember reading out loud was a challenge for me too-I felt like I'd always get out of breath and not be able to read things right...that is such a weird one! Glad I wasnt the only one :)
    Happy late anniversary! You two will be great parents!

  4. you are the cutest pregnant lady ever!!!!! Yay for being over halfway there!!! :)

  5. Aren't you darling!

    You're little family is timed the same as ours! Our anniversary is today (3 years); but last year I was 21 weeks pregnant celebrating our second anniversary!

    More similarities for the Sarah Anns. :)

  6. you look amazing!! congrats on week 22!! xoxo

  7. You look great! The best thing is that the movements only increase and get stronger! Have you experienced hiccups with Liam yet? It cracks me up when Adeline gets them...my entire belly jiggles with each one. The other night it woke me up and I went and rocked in her nursery...stopped them right away. It was the sweetest thing to me! It's so amazing to start having those moments nurturing that little one growing inside you as the weeks pass. I'm so excited for you!!

    Happy late anniversary to you two as well!


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