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Thursday, January 12, 2012


Tuesday night, sitting in our birthing class, I took a moment to snap a mental picture.  We're all sitting in a circle, and the instructor is rocking in a weird bamboo chair while wearing a long, flowy skirt and letting her frizzy hair go free.  And we're illustrating a large piece of paper with colors and elements that are supposed to represent what we want to "bring to our birth" while all sprawled out on the floor.
And all I could think was: I love this.
Next thought: Holy cow.  We've totally become closet hippies.

Maybe it's the whole natural birth/midwife thing.
Or the whole thing about eating food with no preservatives and getting excited about juicing things like spinach and kale...
Or heavily considering cloth diapering.  I mean, how cute are these:

However, I still don't love Janice Joplin.  
And I still think free love and perpetually dirty feet and the spiritual side of yoga kind of freak me out.  
And I still have a love affair with J. Crew.
And I would never, ever consider getting a van like this one:

If I seem confused, you may call me balanced, or maybe eclectic... because it sounds much better!


  1. Haha.
    That made me smile.
    By the way, I adore your header. :)

  2. you and me both! haha cloth diapers are so adorable and not too hard! ;)

  3. haha this made me laugh!
    perhaps i am kind of a closet hippie as well-i had a natural birth and we use cloth diapers and i LOVE both :) i'm excited you're planning on going natural-it's SUCH an amazing experience and i hope i am able to do it again for #2. And cloth diapers-well those are adorable and amazing too :)

  4. I'm right there with ya! I gave birth naturally...in a hospital. I drink organic milk and eat organic meat. Yet, I love Ann Taylor Loft and Starbucks. Life is a balance, isn't it!
    P.S. My birthing classes helped me SOOOOOO much! Good luck to you...if you want to go natural you can definitely do it! Praying helps a lot, too...but you knew that. :)

  5. haha, this is so hilarious and so me! (minus the natural birth--you go mamma!)I think life is so much about balance. I am SO excited to use my Baby Bullet I got for Christmas to make organic, preservative-free baby food in a few months! And I actually enjoy cloth diaper laundry b/c I just love cloth diapering our little cutie!

  6. hehe- yeah, i think we all get a little bit hippie with kids. there is so much to think about and a lot of things that you thought you would "never" do- end up being a part of life :) btw- you look awesome!!



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