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Tuesday, May 15, 2012


No, this is not some sort of announcement post, but one day there will be one.
Since childhood, Billy and I have both adored the idea of adoption, specifically from a foreign country.  Especially since I got the privilege of growing up on the mission field, we cannot deny the tug it has on our hearts.  Even before we got married, it was something we discussed.

We're grateful to be surrounded by people who feel called to adopt.
One of my favorite people, Chelsie, just adopted domestically, and it has been amazing to watch their story unfold.
Also, our friends Trey and Ashton are in the process of adopting internationally right now, and we have loved praying for them and knowing their hearts (you can see their blog here).

Recently, Ashton posted this video on Facebook, and I thought it was wonderful.  If you have the time, you should watch it.  Even if you know you should never adopt, I beg you to examine just how you can support the cause.  Prayer changes things, especially when it aligns with God's heartbeat.  Pray for these children and for the families God's chosen to adopt them.


  1. Adoption is something dear to my heart. While Karlie has been an adopted part of our family in our hearts for a while now, we just started the legal adoption process with her this week. Everything should be finalized before she goes back to school in the fall, and we are thrilled.


  2. I absolutely love that video - I go back to watch it every once in a while when I feel bogged down by paperwork and frustrated by the wait...

    thanks for posting this!! :)

  3. Oldest child of a family with 9 kids - 7 of which are adopted internationally. :) Thanks so much for sharing!

  4. Good for you! It takes a lot to care for your own children, and even more heart to care for someone you did not give birth to.

  5. You are such a beautiful person, and I can't wait to see how your family grows in the future! :)


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