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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Hugs On Demand

Liam is going to be TEN MONTHS old in December.
Sometimes, I glance over at him, and I see a little boy instead of a baby.
It's bittersweet, this mommy thing.

Things I'm loving about Liam right where he's at:

Hugs on demand.

Hugs not on demand.
A super cute new smile that involves squinting his whole face from top to bottom.
His awkward attempts at sign language and my awkward attempts at understanding them.
His preference for Billy and me over anyone else.
The way he bounces in my arms when we watch Billy drive up toward our house.
His new-found love of all of his books and the way he hugs them close to his face.
How he's just chubby enough to not yet own a neck.

Sweet, sweet trusting baby blues and that little mouth and those perfectly dirty chubby hands that reach for me...
What a precious, exhausting, overwhelming, glorious gift I've been given.