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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

THE List!

Ok! So when I was 15... My dad told me that I didn't know what I wanted in a guy, and that I needed to make a list. Today, when I was out with him, it randomly came up. So, of course, I wanted to go find it. I had it saved on the computer, and I found it. It was fun to look back on what I was thinking then and how little my basic ideas have changed.

So, the credit here goes to Dad, for making me write this, and for helping me keep it all of these years. Lots of these characteristics come from the man he is in my life.

Here goes, exactly as it was written my first year of high school...

Sarah Ann Richard
My Standards

  • Puts God first
  • Gentleman
  • Gets along with my brothers and my dad
  • Loves his family
  • Taller than me
  • Smart
  • Deep enough to read my writings and not laugh
  • Considerate
  • Treats everyone equally and with respect
  • Likes traveling
  • Knows what he wants
  • Has high standards
  • Doesn’t care whether or not I have makeup on
  • Not girly… likes sports, macho, etc. ;)
  • Self confident
  • Humble
  • Heart for the lost
  • Knows how to have (clean) fun
  • Treats ladies nicely (opens doors, girls first, etc.)
  • Honest
  • Gentle, but still likes to “be a guy”
  • Someone who would dance with me and not feel stupid
  • Strong physically
  • Strong personality
  • Doesn’t care what anyone thinks
  • Thinks I’m beautiful
  • Romantic (but not too sappy)
  • Puts others before himself
  • Willing to stay pure
  • Likes kids
  • Goes to church
  • Can hold an intelligent conversation
  • Not shy
  • Willing to have fun but has limits
  • Can be stupid, but can be serious
  • Sensitive to other’s feelings
  • Knows when to stop teasing
  • Holds my hand
  • Doesn’t care what position my dad or grandpa is in--- is respectful regardless, but not too intimidated
  • Brave but not cocky
  • Doesn’t smoke/drink/do drugs
  • Knows he’s not perfect
  • Not too flirtatious
  • Only says I love you when ready to give a piece of himself up/ or is totally sincere.. Because I love you is such a serious thing to say
  • Will watch movies with me… even chick flicks
  • Is a leader (leads me in the relationship, leads others)
  • Evangelistic - Witnessing is important to him and lives a life for Jesus
  • He sets boundaries for himself


  1. You're so wonderful!!
    I miss you so much!!!!!!!!

  2. Chelsie Brandhorst9/20/08, 5:37 AM

    Hey I found your blog. This was very encouraging by the way. Sometimes I get stuck in a rut when I feel like I can't accomplish something, but it's true when we focus on God he leads the way. hope your doing awesome...


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