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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

my desert

I am so tired. This school year has worn me out.

I know what David means when he says that he's "travelled across dry and weary deserts." This year, I have experienced some of my most lonely times and my most devastating emotions. I have lost "friends" that I thought I had, I have had nightmares like never before, and I have had my eyes open to a part of sin that I wish I had never ever seen.

But, as awful as it may sound, it has been the greatest year of my life.

I have had the chance this year to learn about my God. I am amazed. He is this water that cleanses, redeems, and refreshes me. Through all of my lonliness and pain and confusion, He is constant. He has taught me to love like I never have before. His love may be heavy, but it is amazing. He overwhelms me with His grace and His desire for me. I really have been in the desert. But my thirst and emptiness only makes God that much more real to me. Through my walk alongside Him this year, I have realized my desires, and His desires for my life. And I have had the chance to bring Him glory, which I have found to be the most fulfilling achievement I ever could make.

It's like this... By becoming desolate and desperate, I have found all I ever could need.

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  1. Sarah! This is amazing. God does such amazing things in our lives so often, but we often overlook it when things are "peachy keen" :) But when we're at the bottom, or closer to it than ever before, he opens our lives to the reality that we are STILL blessed! That His love is never-ending and will never change or fall away. His perfection is constant in love and mercy and grace. And it is such a blessing to see that a God who is awesome like that has really and truly been showing Himself to you and giving you the grace to show that reality to others!


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