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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Completely Belated

Due to life, I'm completely late on many of the updates I've been meaning to give!  However, that means I get to make a list, and my little OCD self is super excited about it!

1.  My new Weekly Favorite is up.  Check out my sidebar.

2.  The Sunday before Thanksgiving (see, I told you that this was late!), we did our annual Turkey Outreach (where we give away turkeys and meals ready to cook).  This year, we gave meals to over 1500 families!  Every year is incredible, but because we've got a block that Billy and I go visit anyway, we got to lead our regular team out there.  It was so amazing to see our people connect with the people on the block.  Sometimes, they're a bigger blessing to me than I ever am to them.
Some kids decorated the boxes.  Adorable?  Yes.

His name is Cash.  But he might tell you today that it's Bob.  And tomorrow, it's Marcus.  But really, it's Cash.  Who cares what his name is with eyes like those?

Unloading the turkeys.  So cute... Ahem, sorry honey.  Manly and Strong.

Is all of the preparation and a whole weekend of work worth it?  Definitely.
(P.S. - This is not me)

3.  I made my own Christmas card and saved truckloads of money.  Maybe next year I'll start a little local business for the cash.  Or, you know, the holiday cheer.  (I will be uploading my card after I send it out.  On my To-Do list.)

4.  I took some pictures this weekend of a dear friend who refuses to blog, though she is hilarious and so much fun.  She's pregnant (hola, baby fever) and adorable.  I'll only give you one picture, because I haven't even shown her yet!  I'm super glad she let me practice my photo skills on her and her hubby.
She loves Zebra.  We wore Zebra shoes in her wedding.  So of course, the scarf...

Alright, friends, we're almost all caught up!


  1. LOVE the outreach you all did for Thanksgiving! My church hosted a Thanksgiving meal. It was so awesome to reach out to those around our city.

    LOVE that maternity photo!! I love animal print :)

    Have a lovely day!! <333

  2. awesome post!! my church also does "complete thanksgiving meals" for people in our community. anyone can donate money, then the sunday before thanksgiving they spend the services in assembly lines putting together all the packages and more volunteers deliver the next day! i'm not able to help with the packaging and delivering b/c i have other duties on sundays/mondays, but i can always give!

    also, very cute baby pic! love all the bold color going on!

  3. Adorable!!! I love that picture of you :) and great photo taking skills!

  4. Love that picture you took of your friend! How cute!

  5. she has some fun finger nails too!! :) Sounds like a wonderful Thanksgiving season... that little boy has melted my heart! :)

    Can't wait to see you Christmas card!

  6. Beautiful pictures! You have some talent Ms. Sarah ;^)

  7. I love love love this post and think Cash is adorable! You are an amazing photographer and have a wonderful heart!

  8. that is amazing to have fed that many people:) great work....i saved money on cards too....can't wait to see urs....i love baby bumps:) pretty

  9. Cash is just the cutest.

  10. I think Cash is so darn cute he can say his name is anything he wants. That photo of your friend's belly is just adorable - well done!

  11. Just found your blog.

    I have to make the same comment as everyone, Cash is just too dang cute. I am jealous that you got to hang out with the little guy! And those eyes!!1 Uhh, adorable.

    Just found your blog and I am excited to follow!

  12. love love to all of this! that picture is awesome...all the layers of colors is great! and can't wait to see that DIY christmas card!

    right with yah on the baby fever. ;)


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