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Monday, December 27, 2010

Writer's Block

The last two weeks have been a whirlwind.

First, my husband and I travelled all the way across the country for 4 days, and we had the time of our lives.  San Francisco was beautiful, and we loved seeing some old friends and meeting some new ones.

Then, last week, before Christmas, we got to deliver Christmas presents out to our block, which made me want to never leave the sweet people that live there.  Their openness to us over the past year has given me such a new perspective on my community.

And, then, of course, there was Christmas.  Splitting the holiday between two families ends up being less splitting and more spreading ourselves out.  We love the chance to see both sides, but I am completely exhausted.  My house needs cleaning but even more than that, I need a day where I can be alone.  So far this morning, I have not said any words out loud.  And I'm really ok with that.

Please Read This:
To add to this, I have been feeling a form of writer's block.  It is probably better explained as writer's confusion.  For awhile now, I have been contemplating the direction of my blog.  I love sharing fun stories and life things with my readers, but I also do not want to be completely self absorbed in my communication.  There are other things that are so important to me (the fight against human trafficking, women growing closer to the Lord, etc.) that I sometimes have a terrible time striking a balance between the two.  I find myself at a sort of a crossroads.  Here are my options:
   a) Stay the same.  Try to be more balanced in fun posts and serious posts, though it might confuse my audience a bit.
   b) Change up the blog to make it more serious and shoot toward more meaningful posts every day, perhaps losing some readers that enjoy a more lighthearted post, but knowing that I am truly fulfilling what I feel called to do.
   c) Keep bon mot to be what it defines - clever, fun, and lightheartedness.  Start a second blog that is closer to posts like this, this, and this.  That way, readers will be able to choose, and I won't feel pressure.

Please, please tell me what you think.  It would help me tremendously.


  1. I'm no master blogger, so take this with a grain of salt.

    When I sit down to write/blog, I try to write what I want to say the most. It's almost like if I was sitting down to talk to a friend. When it goes like that, the blog posts are much more fun and people respond the best to them.

    So, my encouragement is to blog about what you want to blog about. When you sit down at the computer to type, what comes to your mind first?

  2. i like the idea most of combining your ideas, which i think goes along with what Meg commented. if you have something you believe is important, say it! that being said, i also like the idea of a second blog that is focused more on your other passions. i do enjoy seeing your photography posts, but also mixed in with women + the Lord or other serious issues you believe should be written about!

  3. my vote is to keep it all on this blog and do both... your fun side and your serious side. I was able to do that for 2 years with Living By Faith and it didn't confuse people. You have both sides to you and it will shine through as honest and heartfelt. :) Either way it will be wonderful!

  4. If anyone reads my blog, they are probably confused out of their mind. I write what I want. Your readers will read regardless, I promise! I say keep this blog and write everything you want. :)

  5. Well, I really agree with the comments before me and don't know that I can add anything more profound.

    Blessings to you for a beautiful week!

  6. I love your blog. I agree with the other ladies. Keep this blog. :) I think you're making it harder than it really is. Write what you want...it's your blog and us readers will continue to follow along.

  7. Blogging is supposed to be about what you like, feel and love. You should write about what you love and write for YOU!
    Don't measure your blog by the praise of others or lack thereof. Your blog should be for you, and everyone else out there is just a bonus when writing.
    Stay the same and write about what you really feel inside. SO what if you lose a few readers. You'll gain so much more for being completely honest with yourself and your readers!!

    xoxo doll. God has a plan for you and your little bloggy too!!

  8. All I can say is write for YOU! Those pictures are gorgeous!

  9. I don't think you should start a second blog. Write about what is important to you! If you feel compelled to write about certain topics more often than do so! Your blog is for YOU, so write it how you want to! I don't think you'll push any readers away by doing so! I'll definitely stick around =)

  10. I found myself at a crossroads too, and decided to take the path of two different blogs for the sake of my readers. So those who want to read personal stories etc. can read one blog, and the others who want more of a "helpful hints" and recipe blog can read the other. Good luck with your decision! My NEW blog (just started this week!) is called Living Graciously, and you can find it at: http://living-graciously.blogspot.com

  11. I love how you have always posted both...that is one great (just one..there are tons) about your blog, that you honestly never know what you will read about when you click on your link. I love that some days are light-hearted and glimpses into your daily life...while others shine light on causes and heavy things on your heart. And honestly...no matter what, your posts always glorify God in one way or another...His presence definitely shines through this blog.

    For what it's worth. ;) No matter what, I'll be a reader!

  12. Just write from you heart. If it is light and fun, then it'll be you. If it is serious and more meaningful...it'll still be you. Just stay true in your blog and you can't go wrong. If people unfollow, that's their business. We can't win them all, but if you just keep honest and genuine, people will be touched by your words no matter what.


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