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Thursday, January 20, 2011

To Do

  • Finish planning for one of my best friend's baby shower.  Inspiration (with a few changes, of course):
  • Make easy snack food for Small Group tonight!  Ideas, please?!  The girls are quickly going to get sick of my pigs-in-a-blanket... Though they are extra yummy.

  • Read Priceless by Tom Davis.  It's fiction (which I adore) and it raises the issue of sex trafficking (which I love fighting for).  It may be hard to stomach, but if you are willing, you should pick it up.

  • Never watch Braveheart again.  Jessica, you were right.  After a certain point, I just closed my eyes and kept asking Billy, "Why would you want me to watch this? Why? Why?"  He turned it off.  I didn't mean to make him feel bad (he's too sweet), but seriously, it was awful.


  1. I'm going to check out that book. Braveheart's like a classic in my house. It is really really sad but if you finish it all the way through its really good. And its a true story so that makes it better.

  2. I think I would give this book a read. And I have now got to watch Braveheart.

  3. such a cute idea for a baby shower!

  4. I love the shower ideas! That is going to be one cute baby shower!

  5. I get rave reviews for two of my go-to apps:

    1) proscuitto wrapped asparagus spears with asiago (you bake in the oven for 10 mins). It's all melty, gooey and salty. Yum!

    2) baked brie wheel with raspberry preserves.

    Let me know if you need the recipes. They are super easy!

  6. My go to quick snacks are ham sandwiches with swiss cheese, melted in the oven with poppy seeds on top -- and tostitos with seven layer dip!

    I'm loving that tricycle inspiration!

  7. I will definitely check out the book! Allison Rankin mentioned another book to me about human trafficking called "Sold" by Patricia McCormick. She said it was really good.

    I think we need to have a pow wow and head over to Atlanta to help out Street Grace!

  8. Sarah!

    1) I think Braveheart is so awesome. But I am such a boy when it comes to movies.

    2) I made yummy goat cheese and red pepper relish on french bread yesterday...it's delicious, easy and vegetarian! let me know if you want the recipe!

  9. That inspiration for the baby shower looks lovely!

  10. The shower ideas are so so cute! I'm throwing one for my good friend Aimee (the one pregnant with twins) in a few weeks and her theme is owls. :)

    Here are a few EASY ideas for the small group. Both dip style - both will get eaten clean!

    Vidalia Onion Cheese Dip - Southern living recipe originally. So so good

    Buffalo Ranch Chicken Dip - so not even close to healthy, but you JUST CAN'T STOP eating it!!!

  11. There's just so many cute, cute ideas for showers these days. I don't know how anyone can make a decision because they are all so cute.


  12. That baby shower is going to be so cutie!

    Here are some easy skewers that I love -

    get a grilling stick, and add a cherry tomato, a mozzarella ball and a piece of basil (and repeat) pour olive oil and salt and pepper on top - yummy!

  13. Just found this and thought of you! :) Hope it helps...


  14. yum...love pigs in a blanket!! The shower inspiration is so cute! Love it.


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