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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

My Blue Side Table

I was 36 weeks pregnant when we moved into our house, and I was in nesting mode times 5 million.

I had lists of house things that I knew I needed to make sure happened before my baby came.

A side table was high on the list.  I was desperately sure that I had a perfect spot for one and perfect stuff to put on it.  (Did I really need it?  No, but try telling a waddling 3rd trimester hormone hurricane that she's being unreasonable.  Actually, I advise against that.)

Commence scouring Craigslist for dirt cheap side tables.  I found one, emailed the owner, and set up a time to come pick it up for fifty dollars.  It was a great deal.

Well, fifty dollars is usually a great deal.  But if you are getting ready to have a baby and just moving into a new house and your husband has just taken a job at your church and you've fairly drained your savings, fifty dollars is not in your budget.

I was disappointed when I realized we would have to back out of my cheap find, but I understood.  I emailed the owner back and told her we couldn't afford it, that I was pregnant and we'd just spent a lot moving into a new house, but I thanked her immensely for her time.

Then, she responded.
She wanted to give us the side table for free.  I emailed back politely refusing as I thought she'd expect. Nope, she was serious. 

Kind of reluctantly, we borrowed my mom's minivan and drove to pick up our now free table.  For some reason, I expected an older couple.  In her email, the woman had explained that God had blessed them, and they wanted to bless us.  It made me think of a grandmother.

They were far from old.  They lived in a small, simple home, and we found out that they work for a local ministry as well.  Before it was over, we were hugging, exchanging stories, and basking in the companionship of sharing in the body of Christ.  

Even just remembering makes my heart a little happy and my eyes a little moist.

Every time I look at that blue table, I remember God's specific care for my unnecessary nesting weirdness.  I remember the day that another young couple taught us about blessings and humility and having open hands.  I remember that somehow, a huge God desires to show us that we are not forgotten and that He simply loves to make us smile just because.  And I do just that.  I remember, and my heart smiles.


  1. What an awesome story! I love it when God pours down his favor on us and sometimes the smallest ways like a free side table.

    1. Thank you! He has a special way of reminding us we're loved, for sure.

  2. I love this story! It is so inspiring to me. God makes me giddy when he takes care of the little details. Don't get me wrong: I am super thankful for the big blessings, but those little details are like flowers for no reason, you know? And then when you see how he uses his children to bless his children and so on and so on goes the grace message. Perfect. I love it. Thanks for sharing this!

    1. Oh, you're so right! There's something so special about those moments God does things just because. And when He uses others to do it? Even sweeter :)

  3. Beautiful! I love that God loves us enough to show us His love in such little ways. What a great story!

  4. what a sweet experience!! the table is perfect.

  5. Such a great story! Love how your side table will always have a great memory!


  6. That table? It's so beautiful! God does love to shower us with good things! :)


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