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Thursday, September 13, 2012

And It's Not a Pretty Cry...

Yesterday, Emily Freeman's post got me thinking....
When she asked what things were making us weirdly emotional, I got emotional.
That's where I'm at right now.

I'm in a glorious moment of tears and thanks and Jesus presence.  I feel Him everywhere right now.
And I've been breaking down lots.

Things that have been making me choke up (this has been happening TONS, people):

1. One of my favorite friends moving oh so suddenly.
We expected this to come around the new year.  Instead, it's hitting us in 3 weeks.
I'm don't know if a friendship has ever made me question myself, figure out what sharing life looks like, and made me feel full to the brim like this one has.  How can something make me so thankful yet so exhaustingly emotional?
This is life, and though it hurts, I love it too.  God knew what I needed, and this friendship was a gift... There's never a doubt about it.

2. The Five Minute Friday Party (#FMFparty) on Twitter every Thursday evening.
Encouragement?  Check.
Fun?  Check.
Vulnerability? Check.
Virtual cookies and coffee?  Sometimes, but not always.
A bunch of ladies get together on twitter with the hashtag #FMFparty, and we anticipate Lisa-Jo's Five Minute Friday prompt.  It's a gorgeous smattering of women gathering to connect in the sweetest way.  And sweet, sweet relief it is.

3. Prepping to minister to the young families in our church.
You read where I was super nervous, shaking-in-my-Toms about this?  Still true.
What's also true?  God has confirmed again and again (like He does) in just the last week.
Example: More than one person telling me that they are desperate for community.  People, this should not be an unquenched need in the church.  I've been abundantly blessed to know many young moms and wives... it's often my saving grace.  We all need hands to hold, support, lift us up, and celebrate our little daily victories.

4. Linda Dillow's book: Calm My Anxious Heart.
Confession: I can be really anxious.  I have to fight daily for contentment.  Linda gets it, tells me I'm not alone, but she doesn't let it be ok.  Read what I've learned so far.

5. Washing dishes, nursing my baby, worship music, a hug from my mom, a hug from anyone...
It's true.  I'm a blubbering, blessed mess.  And it's been more than usual.
I can't even pinpoint why, except that I'm overflowing with gratefulness for it all.  The good, the bad, the community, the brokenness, the open wounds, the healed ones...

(Thanks, Emily, for inspiring this!)