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Monday, November 22, 2010

Keeping Up

In an effort to keep up with myself and my little home, I have been taking some extra measures this last week.  If you remember my post from 2 weeks ago you know that I am so busy and have not had much time for pampering, primping, or even really getting ready.  So far, this is what I've done:

Got my nails done.  It's amazing how something so simple can make me feel so put together.  The husband was so excited for me that he made a special part of our budget just for my nails!  I'm so thankful that he cares!
I didn't watermark this picture because I knew you all wouldn't steal my creepy happy hands in my face pose.

Cleaned out my drain.  I have enough hair for 5 people on my head.  The average person loses 80-100 hairs a day, and they don't usually come out until you shower or brush.  Since I have TONS of hair and don't shower or brush daily (you curly haired girls know what I mean), I loose about 30 million hairs every time I shower.  
Because of that sad dilemma, we always have a bottle of hardcore Drano around.  Thank goodness.

Letting my husband help.  I am pretty particular about the way that I like things done and cleaned and organized.  However, I sometimes get just too busy.  Last night, Billy told me to go upstairs and shower and he would clean the downstairs.  I didn't want to watch him do it (he didn't want me to watch him, either), so I followed instructions.  I'm sitting downstairs now, and it doesn't look half bad.  In fact, it looks great.  I should let him help more often.

What do you do to relax/pamper?  I can use more ideas, now that I'm on a roll!

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  2. such cute nails!!! you better enjoy them while you can... like before your kids take up your entire budget!!! i love drano... i have the same hair problem. getting to sit down at the computer or to read a book is my pampering lately! : ) this blog design of yours is my absolute fave.

  3. i'm excited for your interview w/ jenni! she is hilarious : )
    i have the same hair problems. i totally know what you mean! and how sweet of your husband to let you get your nails done and help out around the house, you lucky lady!

  4. Love the nails. Yea I sure do know what you mean. If I washed my hair every day it would be a dry frizzy mess, not to mention I'd lose my mind from all the time I'd spend blow drying and straightening... ugh.

    Your blog is looking gorgeous, Ma'am... you're super talented :)

  5. I love this post! I'm such a mess these days I really don't care if I shower much! But you're right something so small as getting your nails done feels so nice you want to try again!

  6. I love your ring! So pretty!

  7. I always get a pedi not a manicure because of things like cleaning the drain! I think I love your husband by the way - setting aside money for nails???? Straight from heaven he must be:) Found you through Lowercase

  8. Glad I'm not the only one with the hair dilemma! My hair is long & curly, & the shower drain is grossly embarrassing! :-/
    We get compliments on our hair, but ohhh it's pain sometimes! : )

  9. Cute picture, your nails bring out your beautiful ring!

  10. You've made me want to go get pampered! ha! I'm thankful that my hubby is okay with spending a few bucks to allow me to get pampered too. I painted my toenails the other day it made me feel so much better...I had neglected them since flip flop season ended. Justin even complimented me on them...that makes it even better. :)

    Oh the hair thing...I get blamed for every clogged drain. Even our sink drains in the bathroom get clogged from me brushing and straightening my hair over the counter.

    No fun!

    Happy Monday! Love your weekly fave addition..so fun!

  11. oh my...never think no one would steal a photo off the internet...by golly! they do look fab though. i need to get pampered once again! lovely...and my drains need that and i keep forgetting! oyyyyyah!


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